Horizon Arcade is a joke

Do you know what was nearly perfect and didn’t need any change? Forzathon.
Event took place each hour and there plenty of players willing to complete it. It was challenging yet always fair. I checked my FH4 stats and I haven’t failed a single one. 141 participated - 141 completed.
Do you know how to make it worse? Make 3 of them every 15 minutes to spread players even more.
Why break something that works flawlessly?
Also not a fan of this whole renaming thing. Blueprint - Eventlab, Forzathon - Arcade, Trial - Tour and Adventure - Open.


That is exactly why they changed it, it worked and they couldn’t have it!!


And Chat - Horizon Link. Everything has to have a new name and be changed around, even if the new thing is worse than the old. This mentality infects too much of modern life.

They should swallow their pride and make it hourly again.


Yeah, forgot about that one.

Since my original post I attempted 2 more. Failed both.
Either make them possible to do solo or return to Forzathon formula.


LOL, I was thinking what link is because it looked like old chat. I still thought it links me somewhere.


Couldn’t agree more, I can’t do the achievements for this because I’m the only player in the lobby wanting to do the arcade. It was much better when it was the forzathons and it was every hour.


I did one, and nobody was there! It doesn’t work at all.


I’ve done 4 or 5 by myself and I do not like it BUT from the article I just read, it’s not arcade that’s the problem, it’s the way the new server is setup. It’s a smart online system now so each area of the map you drive into, it’s seamlessly connecting you to a different set of players.

Shockingly I was able to complete a drift zone today with only one other player. Drift and Chaos are the only ones I have completed so far and without a doubt Chaos is the easiest and the most fun.

If you start at the festival and drive to Mulegé or the volcano or the beach, the same players you were with at festival are moved out of your room and in the background you’re thrown in a brand new room without you even knowing.


we will not be able to buy anything from the shop because we cant get enough points



Hopefully when they say the points adjust according to player wealth, that means they also go down to take people who have barely any points into account!

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Can you point me to that statement? A link perhaps. Trying to wrap my head around that.

It needs some time, it will be better soon.

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That would work if it was not for the fact that ‘no’ players will ever be able to get a 100% for the first Series of Horizon 5 because it is inherntly broken and nobody had the forethought or desire to actually change it (or remove it) to allow us to actually complete a series.

Think about it. This isn’t just one event! That could be overlooked. This is just plain stupidity, ignorance and screw-you-ness. I could almost say it was a mirror image of me!

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I agree. Just put it back to on the hour. That way more people are likely to participate rather than me on my own. Alternatively scale the target to match the number of entrants taking part.


Which usually means me + 3-4 others who just wait while I get them some effort free FPs.

I tried 4 times last night. All sorts of different ones. And in each case I was the only one there. Guess what, try as I might, not enough points to earn anything.

I think that 10 minutes is too short as well.


I tried to play due to festival playlist. It was a speed event and there was only 1 more player. We barely finished the 2nd round which was a speed zone when the timer ran out.

Guess what? Festival playlist not counting it. I guess it expect to complete all 3 rounds. I don’t know how many times I’ll have to retry…


Just ‘tried’ one there… Myself and 1 other… A drift event… We have to ‘drift to the location’ and earn 2,500,000 points… That’s only the first part of 3! Even if we were both Ken Block, there’s no way 2 players can rack up 2.5m points in 10 minutes!

That’s another thing about this ‘new and ruined’ version, why 10 minutes? It was 15 mins for 3 events in FH4, now only 10 for 3 events? With no score scaling? The pathetic 3 points you get for the season events can go rot!


I can almost do the first drift round by myself in 10 minutes. I get about 90-95% there. But, yeah, 2.5M points is way too high for round one. It should be 1M or 1.5M.

I agree with all your comments.

2 arcade each 15 minutes is too much. I always finish it alone and 0 points. And when i point the drift one, there are way more people.

1 type event every hour was the best idea on fh4.

It should be like that on fh5 and it should be random. Tired to see drift one every 15 minutes.

And 10 minutes with so hard objectives ? Who decided that dumb idea ?

Scaling the challenge depending of number of players would be a great idea too.

Not enough player ? Use cross servers to link players !