10 arcades in 5 hours

If you change the car, you loose the progress. Why?

It’s completely broken.

Fast traveling will reset it as well , oops

You can’t fast travel either, even between events. It works if you do it all in one long sitting.

Oh, one car and not fast travel. We need a different description then.

Only way to do it at the moment is with a drift car, because there is always one drift Arcade event on the map. Although, sometimes it can be tricky to arrive on time for the next Arcade event.

You’d have to be in a very very poor/unsuitable car to be unable to do them now, don’t know where you’ve got that thought from.


Let me rephrase it.
*Easiest way to do, without the need to feel unnecessary torture by the lousy state of the game…

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And you can’t turn the game off apparently.

I just afk’d for an hour or so for dinner and progress was reset as well. While Forzathons are fairly easy now, I’ll not retry this until they fix it (along with many, many other things).

It is still bugged as the counter will reset, but if you do it all in one go and don’t lose connection it will unlock - it took me around 2.5 hrs yesterday. I didn’t mean to try to do it all in one sitting but after I’d done the 2 then the 5 events accolades I thought I’d continue, though if the counter had reset I wouldn’t have restarted.

I didnt do any Drift, but used a S900 Audi RS6 (Offroad tyres) on whichever the other event was. Easiest events were Speed as the Audi can still do 200+, hardest was Air as it’s not always obvious where the start of the bullseye run is.

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It’s the one with the blimp directly above it. Of course, when you are in close proximity, the view does not go up sufficiently to really see the blimp (but the shadow) and using the camera takes 20 seconds from your time.

Yeah it’s pretty hard lol I was driving to the point the map marked and then frantically trying to find and get lined up for the first ramp/target!

I know the first 5 took me less than an hour as I was tracking the accolade and it said 4 hours left, the next 5 were longer as none of them were Speed (my quickest) and I failed one. TBH I don’t think they are fixed at every 15 minutes as even if PG have said they are, every time I finished one when I returned to freeroam the next one was already less than 10 minutes away from starting.

I’ve checked the times and every one was exactly 15 minutes apart, I’ve never seen one start that’s not on the quarter hour each time. You would be able to do the first five in an hour because the timer starts counting after the first one but one hour 50 is not enough time to do the next 9 unless you were able to do an arcade session twice in the 15 minutes.

I agree it should be 2hrs 15 minutes for an ideal run according to what we have been told, though only if you trust this game which I don’t entirely! I have had accolades unlock before I met the requirements (as well as not unlocking when I have) so I’m happy to believe anything’s possible at this point.

Finding the blimp was never an issue, working out which way I should be facing for the ramp was!

.double post delete.

The start is ALWAYS under the blimp.

I guess that’s why the accolade is called “Marathon”… lol

Done this accolade in 1 hour and 50 minutes. Corvette C7 FD with no upgrades and tuning. You have like 10 minutes after finishing one Arcade to have a relaxing cruise to another. Or farm the hell out of the free time you have left until another one starts. So get your drift cars ready guys. Doing it in one sitting is not too hard.

With the Horizon Arcade events only occurring every 15 minutes, how could you finish 10 in under two hours?