Horizon 5 Forzathon is fundamentally broken. Here's how to fix it

Compared to FH4, Forzathon events in this game are completely ignorable. Meaning that the vast majority of them are never engaged by the players. A lot of the reason for this is the fact the map is so big compared to the previous game. Another feature which is missing compared to FH4 is the notification that an event is live which gave players the option of automatically setting a waypoint to the Forzathon event.

A simple fix for this, which would also help revive the player engagement and comradery of online play is to give players an option to queue into the Forzathon event similar to how you queue into Horizon Series championships and then to allow the player to teleport to the Forzathon event close to the event’s start time.

This simple change would revive a lot of what made FH4 online play exciting.


Yes, this would be an improvement but they wont change it. Discussion over lol.


Forzathon events just aren’t fun after you’ve done them a few times.

Hey jump off from this danger sign a bunch. Hey go through this speed trap a bunch. Weeeeee.

I feel like it would be a little better if you could at least talk to your fellow players and laugh and blow off steam while doing these chores. But they don’t even let you do that.

The answer to getting people engaged in Forzathon is to make Forzathon FUN.


I found them equally if not MORE ignorable in the previous game. I don’t remember if they even gave a reward in 4.

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Forzathon in FH5 is finger food. I like finger food. Finger food has its place. But if you are expecting a meal to get deeply involved in and all you get is finger food, you are going to be hacked off.

Forzathon in FH4 was a meal in a bustling cafe. In FH5, its finger food in an empty cafe. Perhaps a metaphor to where the world is currently going but I digress…

Forzathon points are poor as well. What are you buying with them? Almost nothing of interest usually. I do these things for a bit of quick distraction before I have to buzz off somewhere. It’s as good as far as that goes.

I have noticed this week the FH5 The Trail is RWD only, not tuning and one set car. I uninstalled FH5 over that. Gran Turismo started its forcing RWD Regulations onto gamers the same way in the GT4 which is why it no longer a game. It’s just a coded mess and collpasing.

If the Devs are forcing us to race RWD to get points then that means car manufacturers are the main culprits with SIM racers and them stupid racing drivers who have their own game called ACC yet they pile into arcade based racers and ruin them. They did the same to driveclub. SIM racers and racing drivers boycotted Driveclub as Evolution Studios refused to add simulation for them. Sony pulled driveclub as GT player counts were already gone. T10 will force horizon gamers to race RWD to ruin player counts to protect their stupid on track racer which is boring and a waste of time.

These faults only effect the general gaming userbase while SIM racers, racing drivers and those who never were a part of the Xbox 20 year growth get their own way and target the arcade gamer and horizon which was always drivetrain conversion, tuning for every race is slowly going to vanish . . . . . . . . You all need to go Game Stores before they shut down and get new disk games with 80 percent off as racing games will not be around for much longer.

Sim racers, racing drivers, the FiA and RWD Devs have made their own enemies over the last few years and they won’t be making games for much longer.

If you get these bugs etc and can’t do achievement sell the game. They make the bugs on purpose to keep you playing them for longer and that was told by a game Dev Sony left jobless. T10, PG and PD are simulation, physics and relaism. They will not fix the games. They will wear them out to bare player counts before accepting defeat.

I’m sorry but driving a low power rwd car really is not that hard or “forcing towards a sim racing game”. The game has been stacked with arcade features since debut, one challenge with a stock car that happens to be rwd (and is quite low powered at that!) does not make this a sim game. I thought it was a fun anomaly personally, rather than getting rammed by my own teammate in a car tuned for max straight line speed.


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I guess the Forzathon Shop is also to blame, not only the events. For some time I participated in a lot of these hourly Forzathon events in FH4 to collect points because the Forzathon Shop usually offered interesting exclusive cars. Now in FH5 there are mostly Wheelspin and Autoshow cars in the Forzathon Shop so I see no real incentive to spend my time collecting points I cannot buy anything worthwhile with.

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I didn’t report you, i thought your comment was hilarious. I wish it was visible for everyone to appreciate how ridiculous it is

It really is funny, isn’t it?

I think it’s good that there’s one championship/challenge/whatever that requires you to go stock. It’s a brave move. As long as that didn’t take over the game - and it won’t as forza is heavily invested in tune creation - then it’s all good.

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The stock races are just the gimmick/theme this season. It’s not some sort of conspiracy perpetrated by Big Auto to make you do donuts for the rest of the game. It didn’t look like any of the car rewards this season are even exclusive, so you’re not even remotely being forced to do it in any case.

Actually I like the map size and the fact that forzathon events are separated by types - one wreck event, one drift and so on. Wreck is my favorite.

I’ve suggested matchmaking for arcade on multiple occasions. But so far it’s fallen on deaf ears. The only solace I have is that it’s still listed on the known issues list. I really hope they improve it soon. It’s still one of my favourite features of the horizon games.
Someone suggested previously that to entice more players to it, they should add a scoreboard. Although I’m not into competition, if competition is what drives up engagement, then I’ll gladly take it.

I go back to Horizon 4 a couple times a week just to play some forzathon live and it’s still incredibly populated. It’s a much better experience.

In a perfect world being able to chat with other players in the Horizon Arcade events would be great but toxic players would inevitably ruin the experience for others.