Horizon 3 Exclusive Cars Status

Hi All,

I’m new to Forza and I started with Motorsport 7 and Horizon 4 recently, I’m really enjoying them…

Then in forums everyone talk about how good is Horizon 3 compared to Horizon 4. And I found a extremely good deal on Horizon 3 just now. This platinum bundle apparently contains everything including Car Pass, VIP and Expansions.

So I’m thinking if I should go for it. There are 2 things I’m considering…

  1. Will I enjoy Horizon 3 along with Horizon 4? Will I notice difference in environment since it’s Australia? I don’t have any intention of stopping Horizon 4 for now so my thinking is when I play both simultaneously I’ll be able to see any difference or not.

  2. In Horizon 3 exclusive cars still exist? Since I started Horizon 4 in the middle lot of exclusive cars missing. I don’t want to start Horizon 3 now and then find out I can’t get some of the cars from normal game play and probably now there is no way to acquire them.

I hate AH so that’s out of the option. In Motorsport 7 they have unlocked all the cars (Still one unicorn exist which is MG) so I’m not having any issues with acquiring the Cars I like. Have they done the same in Horizon 3 or there are still exclusive cars? To make clear if there are cars which should be unlocked via gameplay I don’t have any issue with that. What I mean by exclusive car is similar to Forzathon shop cars and festival playlist rewards in Horizon 4 which have no way of acquiring unless they decide to offer again.

  1. If you enjoy H4 you probably will also enjoy 3. Some things are different and some things are quite alike. There will be no weekly Forzathons so don’t expect any

  2. No, you will not receive any of the exclusive content not covered in VIP and Car Pass. The Dev’s stopped supporting that stuff months ago. There will also be 2 Barn Finds that you will not be able to get as they were through Forzathons.

Hmm that sound bad. I have been searching a bit and many people complain about not able to complete the game and hit 100% because of the missing barn finds. Not sure how I feel about it now, I’m definitely 1 of the people who like to complete everything in the game…

At the end if it’s going to make me feel bad guess I better not start at all

I got that deal for FH3. i ve already plau to 2 hours and i enjoyed. I dont know how, but FH3 is more beautiful than FH4. I ll keep to play both.

Damn, this sale finishes in 1 day and I’m still on the fence. May be long time Horizon 3 players know this. Above message is from ManteoMax in the DLC and editions thread. If I buy the full package now can I confirm I’ll get all the cars except below?

29 exclusive award cars (Forzathon/ForzaRC) added via free content updates (incl. Racemo and Duracell Spano)
2 Barn find models out of 20
6 DLC Pre-Order variants of stock models

Are those midnight battle models and skill shop models are still obtainable?

Skill cars and midnight battle cars will be received once you beat midnight battle races and unlock skill shop cars with skill points.

All other cars can probably be obtained in auction house, example Porsche 928 was a forzathon car. No more forzathons. But for the heck of it I searched them in auction house and there were 4 available, all 20 million buyout by the scalpers(with fugly paint jobs ta boot…)

Obviously PO cars are kinda outa the question.

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Thanks, that’s what I wanted to confirm. I wasn’t sure if they (mid night battle and skill shop) are part of gameplay or not. As long as they are part of game play I can play and obtain them, not an issue.

I know there is a chance in auction house but sometimes pricing can be ridiculous as you pointed out. In case of FH4 there is very very slim to zero chance to see one at all…

You play FH3 long enough and credits won’t matter. The Multiplayer is way better in FH3 than FH4. And it’s still very populated game as I can usually find and finish half a Championship before one would even load in 4. A lot of FH4 players have come back to 3 just because of the multiplayer. Sure there will be a few cars you can’t get unless you go to AH and yeah last 2 barnfinds are gone but I wouldn’t let that stop you from enjoying this wonderful game. FH4 with the new playlist just feels like a grind and work. I load up FH3 and I know I’m going to enjoy my time competing with friends and rivals in MP for hours.

Thanks for the encouraging post. I’ve decided to go for it forgetting about acquiring all the cars (Don’t know why, there is collector in me who wants everything :P). Don’t want to miss a great game everyone talking good about…

I don’t ever want to buy a " games as a service" product, there are too many game fails these days “anthem”
Full games that play offline if server shuts down, Thx
Looks like you get a whole lot in this game when you get “platinum” or complete or what ever it is.