New Horizon player here with some questions about the older titles!

Hey guys, I’m new to the Horizon series. Although, I’m not new to the Forza series as a whole (My last forza game being Forza Motorsport 3).

It’s been a while since I last played a Forza game so yeah I know I’m very behind right now haha.

That aside, is there any reason to go play the older Horizon titles? Is this the type of game where as soon as a new one comes out, everyone just jumps ship?
Are there still people playing Horizon 3 and is it still being updated by the devs?

I know one reason I would like to play the older titles is cause I get to drive my dream car, a Mitsubishi Evo, in an open-world racing game.

I just wanted to know if it’s worth forking out some cash to get at least Horizon 3. I don’t wanna play a game knowing that the online lobby is gonna be deserted.

i think horizon 3 online lobby racing will be active for a long time unless they make some serious changes to horizon 4 online lobbies.

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I would get all 4! They are all brilliant. As it stand with certain features missing from FH4 I think you will have just as much fun, if not more, playing FH3. FH2 has some of the greatest driving roads and FH1, although a little dated, looks great with the One X enhancements.

Not sure you can get Horizon 1 anymore. Think it’s been End of Life’d from the store. Only available if you already own it.

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You can still buy physical copies and it will work.

The DLC has been removed, so if you’re into achievements be warned that it’s now impossible to 100% it

Yeah there’s no 100% even if you buy a physical copy. But you can still get it that way if someone is willing to part with theirs.

My first foray into the Horizon world was Forza Horizon 3.

I followed FH2, and watched countless youtube videos of let’s plays with it, but since I didn’t have an xbox at the time I couldn’t play it.

When I first played FH3 I still didn’t have an Xbox, but luckily microsoft added the whole play-anywhere thing so I was able to play it on PC. I loved it. I spent hundreds of hours in it, mostly single player, doing the occasional “playground game” for a forzathon requirement. It had a clear progression of “unlock this festival site, spend some time doing races here, upgrade it, then move on to the next site”.

After you “completed” the story you were given a new challenge - upgrade all festivals to max level. That unlocked a showcase I think (or a huge race).

After that you had yet another challenge handed out to you. Finish all championships for all races. That definitely took a while. That unlocked something too.

I wasn’t even done with that when the 1st expansion launched - blizzard mountain. It had the same type of completion requirements - all championships for all races.

Focused on that, then returned to the main map, managed to complete all championships, shortly thereafter the second expansion dropped - hot wheels. That was a lot of fun.

Anyway, last year I also bought FH2 and started playing that before FH4 launched. It was fun, but wasn’t blown away. Still worth playing it though.

FH4 is definitely a great game, better in a lot of aspects than FH3 and its predecessors, but definitely lacking in others too. The thing that hurts me the most is the lack of progression. FH3 had clear objectives that were given to you. Do this, do that. How long it took you, or the order you did it in wasn’t important, but it was clear what needed to be done. Plus content was unlocked gradually.

In FH4 I feel this is completely absent. You’re given ALL showcases in the first 2-3 hours of playing the game. ALL of them. The progression is not as clear anymore. You can do anything in any order, but you don’t have a clear objective anymore. It’s just… do it for the sake of doing it. I understand that there is not much difference if you look at the practical side of things, it’s still just doing races, but at least FH3 made an effort to guide you in some way. Here it’s just… “here’s some races. do them. i don’t care”.

Because of that I feel that I already reached the “end-game”, of just grinding some races to unlock those final final races. That took me a year in FH3. Now it has taken me less than 3 weeks.

They have “seasonal championships” and other “dynamic content”, but it feels so shallow and lacks a complete sense of direction or progression, I have absolutely no incentive to play them. The rewards are insignificant unless you’re playing on the highest difficulty settings. (I am playing on average/above-average).

I haven’t tried the online so I can’t comment on it.

There still is a lot of content here, and arguably more coming in each month, but I feel that it’s just a bit shallow and lackluster. The seasons are also interesting, but way way more mediocre than they made them out to be. I mean, they really touted them as this complete game changer, you’d have your mind blown, a completely new game each week. No, it’s the same game. Races are wet in autumn. It rains a lot. In summer it almost never rains, roads are dry and sticky. In winter there’s snow and you slip a lot.

But that’s about it. You can do all races in all seasons. Winter doesn’t have its own special races (aside from the seasonal ones), summer doesn’t have its own races, etc… In the end seasons are just a visual change for me, I don’t feel it changes gameplay in any huge or significant way.

Overall I’ve probably spent around 100 hours so far in the game, so definitely got my money’s worth. I think the reason I’m a bit disappointed is that I had very high expectations for the game based on my own assumptions and based on the streams from the devs. Had I remained indifferent I might have been more pleasantly surprised.

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Definitely pick up FH3, it handles progression significantly better than FH4, multiplayer isn’t all team based, and there isn’t any avatar garbage. During a previous sale, you could get the game bundled with all of the DLC for ~$40, I bet it won’t be to long before that sale comes up again.

I really enjoy freeroam and exploring, so I’d say it’d be worth getting Horizon 2 & 3 just for the different maps.

The map in Horizon 1 isn’t as fun, there are a lot of fences meaning you can’t go very far from the roads.

I tried multiplayer in FH1 a bunch of times earlier this year, but I was never able to join a session. I believe FH2 had an influx of people playing online when it was free on games with gold back in August.

Also the more titles you play, the more Forza reward points you can get, meaning you can get more free credits each week.

Dear OP,
you MUST get the FH3
a great game

I’ll have to agree on that :slight_smile: I’m still playing FH3 more than FH4. Hopefully that will change.

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Glad to see I’m not the only person getting bored of FH4. There’s very little progression or direction. I’ve “prestiged” for the first time in any game, I’ve unlocked everything and the only thing keeping me here is driving cars around the best map they have ever created.

I suggest they bring back class-based Rivals for a start and Blueprint championships like they had in FH3. And what about all the Blueprint Bucketlist challenges you could make in FH3?! They were a great feature, why would the devs remove this from the sequel?!

I think they spent so much time on the map and the seasons that they run out of time to actually build a game on the environment they created. Let’s hope constant and regular updates sort that out.

I was in the same boat. I only started on FH2 when it was free on Live gold a couple of months ago, then got the deal with Forza 7 and FH3 last month on gamepass which also gave me FH4. FH2 is still active on line as a result of the live gold thing. FH3 is also still active.

I actually went on Ebay this morning and ordered a copy of FH1 for XBOX 360.

If you are a collector of acheivements and points on Forza hub as well as interested in your gamer score, get them all.

I don’t have FM4, 5 or 6 and am also thinking about these as they are only £10 each I think, but as they are not different worlds and same tracks, I’m less bothered about them.