Please bring back Forza Horizon 3 ?!

After year(s) of playing FH Horizon 4 and a few breaks in between,

I finally feel like I’m no longer interested in FH 4, couldn’t enjoy it any longer, and might never return…

because i’m just may too fed up by it’s small map,
the same old scenery/landscape I’ve seen 100 of times,
and the same roads/tracks over and over again…

so I just decided to go and pick up FH4’s predecessor, just to find out FH3 has reached ‘EOL’ status last fall…

I’d appreciate it if you would just leave it in stores as is,
but it’s no longer available for purchase, unfortunately…

just WHY?

It should still work on current W10 versions and has some sort of SP/offline mode as well,

So again, it’s a big bummer I cannot buy/try it out on PC…

ofc I won’t just buy a console to buy & try a used copy of FH3 on disk, which seems the only way to get&play the game now I assume…

Any chances of FH3 returning to PC in the near future,

or maybe even a FH1&2 deput on PC of some sort, eg. a classics/remaster/remake edition?

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Impossible. They refused to help the community with an achievement tied to some online functionality in Motorsport 2 (auction house achievement) years ago.
In the last years all Forza games lost some functionality, mainly online stuff they insist to use over and over despite nobody wanting or liking them.
Turn 10 never hear us.

Get an Xbox One and play Horizon, Horizon 2, Horizon 3 and Motorsport 5 and 6. The games are good. Sadly you will not experience the extra content.
Or get an Xbox 360 and experience Motorsport 2, 3 and 4, and Horizon and Horizon 2.
For Motorsport 2 and 3 you can get the extra content in disc.

Also, this year, Forza Motorsport 7 will likely be delisted. Get everything you want before september.

Why? The game has unbeatable car count and that’s very expensive.

No remakes because of the same thing. It would be huge hit but probably too expensive to make. But MS can afford it for sure…

As people mentioned, the cars in the game need license fees for company to use them in their products. I do have another thought, why do game companies need to pay car manufacturers, but not the opposite way, or why not they be equal. Well, there must be people who brought the game because of the cars. However, in my case, I brought the cars because of the games, and I believe I must not be the only one. After watching hours of videos of gameplay, I get to know many cars, their history and background, and showed interest. Last time when I was not able to buy the One S FH3 bundle, I eventually brought a real car instead. This time the new console all sold out again, Series S/X , I end up buying more real cars. If not the game I wouldn’t buy them.

Realizing Horizon 3 is gone, it’s pretty sad. I always thought I could play it one day after all, just the matter of time. But now, I think I may have to give it up. But let’s move on, the next Horizon game will always be better anyway. By the way, I buy scale models and I’m sure some people do buy the real deal.

just buy it on a cdkey site dude… not difficult…

I’ve recently got into Forza Horizon 3 and am really enjoying it. Like many I’m dissapointed I can’t get the DLC for 3, there don’t seem to be keys available and the few that there are seem to be run by dodgy sites and require payment in bitcoin and various other prepay cards which all sounds suspicious. The cost for it is also astronomical!

Is there any online petition to get back Horizon 3 DLC? It seems like MS Gaming/Xbox are quite literally costing themselves money by not having the items for sale! People will be getting scammed and problems arising by the removal from the game store of the the Horizon 3 game, particulary as many seem to prefer it to 4 (I’ve not played 4 so can’t comment)

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I share the same sentiment and I am just as frustrated. I was late to collection the FH series. Luckily, I was able to do a work around to get the DLC/Content for FH on xbox 360, which was to go through GameStop which still sold DLC license keys. FH2 I got on Xbox One. Enjoyed it. Luckily got the DLC in time. And then FH 3 I bought all the DLC when they had some last hurrah sale. It sucks. They are great games, and kinda baffles that it pretty much boils down to getting the disc if you want to play these games again. DLC should always be sold.

My guess? It has to do with the music Licensing. Which, if that is the case, then I’d rather just have them put some generic music or something. I just am now starting FH3 and it is an amazing game. But if I want to get my friends on it, they are SOL. These games would definitely still sell. Weird that the Need 4 Speed series is easily around.

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Which NFS has so many cars like any Horizon?

The NFS series is a shadow of its former self. I remember the earlier games (early 2000s NFS Road Challenge for instance) that you could download new tracks for and cars. Lots of fun. Sadly that game might be a pain to get working on WINDOWS 10.

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It is sad that they take these games and dlc away. If you can’t sell them why not atleast make the dlc free for those that want it.