FH3 on sale?

Hi everybody

Does anyone know if FH3 will be on sale any time soon?
I want to buy the game, but it is qiute expensive considering I will only be able to play it on PC (I don’t have a XBox). I thought they might put the game on sale when FM7 is released. Did something like that ever happen before?
If not, how often is the game on sale?

Thank you in advance

PS: If there is no sale, I will just buy the game, but in that case I will buy the standard edition. will I miss the extra car packs?

It’s been on sale lately in bundle with ForzaMotorsport 6, but now just Forza Motorsport 6 is on sale. It’s not much of a saving either. So all you can do is keep an eye out.
If you have a reasonable PC Horizon 3 is still worth the monty imho. It’s got plenty of cars and a big map with plenty to do and community blueprints for events give you even more to do.
It’s worth the money if you’re only buying one racing game, then either Horizon 3 or Forza Motorposrt 7 will keep you occupied for months. It just depends on whether you want the open world freedom, or the focused track racing.

EDIT: On the xbox store right now there is the bundle for Horizon 2+3 for £39.99, or your local equivalent. So maybe you can grab that? Only 21 hours remaining though so you better hurry!

Ok yes it is on sale bundled with Horizon 2 go to deals with gold on Xbox store or look for it on the Xbox website Deals with Gold is about $90 or so for both games.

About the sale: I don’t have Xbox Gold, as I don’t own a Xbox console. Besides, even if I bought that deal, I would end up having a game I can’t play (FH2 isn’t available for PC).

About FH3 being worth the money: I know. I will buy the game anyway, but if there is a sale in the near future, I will wait for that.

I also have a different question: some websites are selling windows store codes for less than the normal price. I heard some of these websites use stolen codes, while others may not even give you a code or even give you a code that has already been used. What do you think? Can I trust these people? Is there a ‘safe’ third party code seller? Or should I just buy from the windows store?

Amazon, Game Dude or game com depending where you live online gaming stores may have the codes. Only buy from a retailer you know and trust Buying a Code from another source is chancy as they may be selling you a code all ready in use.

I don’t know that windows store sells their codes, so anyone selling them is in a grey area. Hence dodgy!
I’ve never had an issue with the third party sellers, but there’s always someone with a story to tell. If you use a third party site, use one with buyer protection. That way you’ll be covered if it goes wrong.

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Thanks for the advice. Right now, I am going to wait a little longer anyway as I have some issues using my controller in the FH3 Demo. If that is solved, I will start looking for a reliable website or wait for a sale.