Horizon 1 on xbox one

With the backward compatibility of the xbox one, will we see FH1 on the xbox one ? Dont mind playing that again, as horizon 2 looks like its coming to a close.

Eventually we should. Xbox said they were working on first party titles and the most popular third party titles they could get permission for first so the idea of seeing H1 on Xbox One is very likely.

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Thanks for that !

Don’t hold your breath though.

I’d rather expect little to nothing and be pleasantly surprised than build myself up for all this great stuff that Microsoft can and may not do and then be disappointed.

You should also consider some licensing issues from what I heard, which wouldn’t allow some games to be compatible for Xbox One. Although, there are a few hints that give me the impression Horizon 1 will be backwards available.

Also, the guys at Microsoft promised there would be about 100 popular titles, and will be selected by the number of votes on xbox.com . (If you want to vote for the games you want, click here. Considering the number of votes (Horizon counts more than Forza 4), it would not be a surprise to see Horizon 1 on the Xbox One.

Good or bad?

I could be wrong but I took their comments as they had already decided on and were working on the first 100 to be ready by the holidays this year and then they were going to get input from gamers on which games to add moving forward from there.

I just picked this up this weekend. I started on Horizon 2 last year and haven’t been able to put it down…well, till now anyways. I LOVE the presentation and it seems to be smoother than FH2 as far as frame rates are concerned. However, my biggest issue thus far is the lack of trigger rumble as the 360 doesn’t have it. I would love to have this on the Xbone and be able to put the 360 back in my computer room…permanently. Here’s to hoping for Forza Horizon to appear on the Xbone by the end of the year.

Here we go.

Forza 3, Forza 4 and Forza Horizon backward compatibility confirmed via trailer @ gamescom2015


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Great news on the Forza games being backwards compatible! Wonder how this will work with new peripherals?

Even though it is almost a sure thing Forza Motorsport 3, 4 and Horizon will be signed up in the backwards compatibility program, there is a reason to be afraid about pur gamesaves: to have the capacity of playing these games on Xbox One without starting from scratch, the saves most be located in the cloud, and recent Forza games, including Forza Motorsport 3, don’t work very well in that storage, many people losing their progress out of there.

anyone have any idea when fh1 comes out for xbox one? missing this game badly! was better than fh2 by miles, i want it before the new horizon comes out

Not likely to happen - as Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson) has mentioned in the past there are issues with games that have licensed content (like Forza).

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I would have to agree it doesnt look good. Forza has been a massively successful series for Microsoft and if they havent make it compatible by now they probably cant/wont. That original post was a year ago and still no word.

Why it is so hard to say “sorry guys, there will be no release of FH1 in backwards compatibility mode”? Or alternatively “we are working on it - signing something, etc, allow us XX months to finish it”?

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I think they’re going to launch with horizon 3, to make a game pack

Still nothing so I bought it and play it on the 360.

Just announced today. Horizon 1 is coming September 16th go on their YouTube channel.

According to Major Nelson’s blog it comes to BC on Sept 1st. So which date is right?

September 1st it is …

It has to be one of their bigger franchises, surprised they havent migrated it yet.


Looks like we are getting Horizon 1 backwards compatibility on September 1st. WOHOO.