High Rollers seasonal championship

I’ve done and won the (awful and frustrating) seasonal championship ‘High Rollers’ three times now. It still hasn’t awarded me or counted on the playlist as complete.
I guess since these things aren’t getting fixed then I’ll just not be able to complete this, just like that daily for completing an expedition last week, so that’s cool.
Edit: Fourth time was the charm. The only thing I did different was getting 1st in all three races instead of 2nd in one and 1st in the other two.

This is not a bug. You have to win all 3, and always have. Why on Earth would you think this was a bug?

Erm, if it is a tournament event, you need to end up 1st, it doesnt matter if you win all three races or not. And it has been always this way… lol.


This. I won the series with 56 points, with second getting 52. You’ve never had to take 1st place on all three races.


Absolutely false. Have finished Seasonal Championships successfully without winning them all. Just need to be 1st in the Championship table after race 3.

Not even close to being true. Mathematically two 1sts and a 4th will guarrantee enough points to win the 3 race series, and often you don’t even need a 4th.

If you need to win all 3 races, then there is a bug.

All that being said, I experienced one race in either Horizon 3 or 4 where one of the A1 was there twice and the points from both finishing places counted, so even 3 firsts didn’t win that one. The A1 competitor was getting over 20 points per race.

You never have had to win all 3 races. I accept 2nd place on the first race if it is a hard race.

Because, you just need to win in total points in all other seasonal championships?

ROFL!! You sound like your 8 years old!

“I guess since these things aren’t being fixed…”

Are you serious right now? The dev team, at least the majority of them are on a much needed and well deserved vacation.

The games been out for less than a month and you are seriously complaining about patches? Patches take time. First they have to collect bug reports and hunt down the issue in the code base. Then they have to fix it without breaking ANYTHING else. Then it has to go through QA testing before it can be pushed out to gamers…

Also you have to realize that a single day of the public playing the game, even if it’s only 100k people (and this game has had millions of players) will find bugs that QA never could because of time.

Put it this way… 100k gamers playing for a couple hours is about 99% more testing than even the best QA team can accomplish. Plus all the various hardware/software configs on PC and the fact that the game runs across 4 generations of consoles (base, x1x, series s, series x) it’s actually truly impressive how few issues there are.

This is an insanely complex game. The physics, visuals, sound… everything, it’s all super complex and a true achievement in gaming.

I mean… It’s already looking like this is the best racing game ever made and (again) it hasn’t even been out a month.


:rofl: satire isn’t dead.

Honestly, what you just said is nonsense. The game has terrible bugs which are self evident to anyone the first time they play it. It wasn’t tested, or they don’t care, let’s not pretend they somehow couldn’t have known it was a dumpster fire please.


Why insult people? I’m not the only person complaining about the countless bugs. This game isn’t a “massive achievement.” At it’s core it’s still the same basic game as FH3 and 4.
But sure, let’s talk about massive games. How about RDR2, or GTA5. How about Tales of Arise or Xenoblade Chronicles 2? Maybe BotW or Ghost of Tsushima. You know what these all had in common? They were also big, complex games. The difference is that they weren’t broken and bugged in every conceivable way on release.
Your exculpation of the state of the game on release isn’t going to get you anything. Perhaps you’re the young one, that’s grown up with games being released with a “release it now, fix it later” attitude, but believe it or not, this didn’t used to be the norm.
PG is a sizeable studio with the backing of Microsoft. This isn’t some small dev team with three people that made this game. They have the resources to have tested this better prior to release.
Besides that, there’s the fact that every week the list of issues grows larger and larger.
It’s ludicrous to say “it’s only been out a month, so it’s okay for it to be a broken mess!”
Go rethink some things before you decide to jump to the defense of a massive company again.


“Then it has to go through QA testing before it can be pushed out to gamers…” That’s all I saw and having spent $100 this is laughable…the amount of unpolished work is unacceptable. I paid for a “service” I expect to be compensated with what I was promised…ie. a completed service


Are you joking with this?? oh wait, dont tell me, fanboy much ah??? hahahaha.

Maybe i read it wrong is this supossed to be a joke, or some kind of irony??

Another error that I think no one has mentioned yet is when a tuning configuration is shared and removed, which is still available despite having removed it … I hope they solve it because for me it is the worst bug in the game.

Take a look here https://forums.forza.net/turn10_postst170790_how-to-unshare-duplicated-shared-tunes.aspx

And @d0x360
… I never expected myself to write this… were you paid to write that?



Also update for removing tunes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmIRKeMbJl4
He also have usefull video how to extend notification timer.

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@EB- If he was paid to write that, it would’ve been You’re not Your. :rofl:

Lo siento es el traductor

i believe most of the bugs in this game have to do with the servers, if they would have had a public beta with at least a million people before the game launched to test their servers we probably would have caught most of the bugs months ago before the game went live.

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That has been my view since the beginning: It needed some sort of testing phase, much like the upcoming Motorsport recently did. Even a limited Beta of 1,000 would have highlighted a lot of these things…they already had a list of players they could use, namely ones like DJS who got advance copies. You’d think MS/Xbox would have pushed for this given this is such a headline game series for them but then the commercial success (how many players playing) backs them up in it not being needed as player statistics only count how many playing, not how many bugs there are