What bug bugs you the most?

The bug that bugs me the most is when my XSX controller stops vibrating and I need to restart the game to fix it. I’ve probably restarted the game over 100 times now because of it.

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There’s a bug in the statistics that’s been in the series for ages that bothers me in every single game. I believe it’s the Average Load on one of the front tires. The other three have reasonable averages, but the one tire always lists an average that’s about the same as the Max.

Not so much a bug, but the inconsistency of the AI. Depending on their mood (algorithms), they can be easy to beat on unbeatable, or impossible (same setup, same car etc). There is no telling when that nitro boost will kick in.


#1 You work for PGG? Why is there always some new question… :smiley:

No bug… but the “gameplay” itself. Game is done for me and it’s only some hop in drive few meters or test something or doing the weekly stuff.
Yeah i know it’s sandbox and you can play forever but bla too much sandbox and try some of the eventlab stuff most of the “blueprints” is trash, “test” or something to cheat

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If I worked for PGG would I even be talking to you? As for why, it’s because I have nothing better to do in-between races. You know the whole “fast” traveling other players isn’t really all that fast.

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Sounds legit :smiley: Enough time to post on forum or walk the dog or take a nap…

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Crashes and instability. All other bug fixes can stay on hold until the game actually works.

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switching to my custom wheel profile on every game start because the game switch back to the default wheel profile every time I close the game.

the exposure issues with cockpit-cam and dashboard-cam

the freezes everytime leaving a house or events

still way to less ai-traffic

still to less other players arround me, never saw more then ~8 other players at the same time

the broken fotomodus changing daytime weather brightness while shooting fotos

the two layers of raindrops on cam and windshield while sitting in cockpitcam and the persitent raindrops on cam while clear and dry weather

after click sort for recently added cars the default position in the carlist is not the start of the list and there is no button to jump to the start of the list

not beeing able to sort for recently added cars when gifting cars

no filter/sort for double cars

and the most anoying dialog in the game I count as a bug:; “Yes you clicked “get in” the car just a blinkofaneye ago but let me ask that question: Are you realy realy realy realy sure You want the car deliverd that you want to get in, I mean ARE YOU REALY SURE?”


Just one of the baked-in wastes of time throughout FH4 and now FH5.

The interface could be so much more fluid and polished but they insist on asking you the same thing over and over again to get to where you’d decided to go 4 clicks ago.

I listed a whole heap of things in the FH4 thread 3 years ago on how the interface could be more fluid (less button pressing to get to where you are going), but they just copy and pasted the old game engine from FH4 to FH5 and just changed it graphically.

There are so many areas, where you could save time and energy navigating a clunky UI and get down to racing, but they are obviously not interested in implementing that and more into adding useless features that no-one really wants (clothing items to name one) and all the girly pinkness!

For inclusivity, how about bright BLUE Eliminator arena perimiter and also Street Zone finish lines asd well as accents around menu items?

"Imagine if you had a menu, where you choose the type of race you wanted, then another with every race listed. No more traveling, no clicking, to then click again and then again and just one more time just to make sure that you want to race?"

"Na, that’s just to easy and quick. Don’t be silly."

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I think the light in the tunnels bugs me the most at the moment.

Or the Drift scoring bug.


Not being able to remove Barn Finds from my garage (whether it be deletion, Auction House or Gift Drop).


Rubber banding and lack of AI physics in AI races.

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I have to choose only one?!?

Probably the loss of progress issues.

While on here … forum trolls.

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Please don’t troll, that’s not a bug.

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Ahahaha he actually got you there too. High 5 Aqua!

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Number 1: Playlist events that can’t be completed e.g. last week’s treasure hunt

Light at the end of tunnels where you can’t see a thing
Occasional crash after starting the game
AI inconsistency
Bugged accolades


Wheels are not supported properly … and support just closes the ticket saying they’ll look into it later.

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Having to manually reapply my custom wheel setting every time I start the game.