hi , i deleted my forza 6 savings and now my 5 gift cars i recieved + 100k credits are gone.
i just wanted to start new game with other car.
is there anyway i can have them back

need to contact turn 10 studios
about lost content
tried twitter, email and forum here,
but i don’t get any response.
pls help

Message heliosT10 on here and give him a detailed explanation on what happened. Thats the best thing to do. Im sure he is really busy so he may not get back to you super quick.

That makes sense

Yeah , if its 5 cars and a 100k were talking you could get that and more in one playthrough :slight_smile:

contacted helios t10 but also no responese.
and i also think it’s a one time gift.
to bad 4 me.
but i hoped to get the cars back.
the money i don’t care about.
it is what it is.
i’m just a little disappointed that i didn’t get any reply’s from turn 10 or forza 6

just started forza 6 now
and got it al back.
super happy now