Help with Fortune Island add on pack please

I’m an older rookie gamer and need some help with my Xbox One Forza 4 Horizon gameplay. I’ve purchased the game as a disc rather than a direct download via Game Pass and it works just great.
I’ve got my Thrustmaster 458 Wheel working and having a blast thrashing around the roads and trying the challenges. Meanwhile I’ve purchased and installed the Fortune Island expansion pack, but I have no idea how to access this content. I’ve driven to the Thatchers Cottage (supposedly the marker point) but found nothing…very frustrating. Do I need more points in the overall game to unlock the marker ? Is the expansion pack not recognised if you didn’t purchase the actual game through the Game Pass Store ? How do I get the game to load Fortune Island ?

From free roam, pause the game to bring up the menu, go to the Fortune Island tab and then select ‘Travel to Fortune Island’. It will then ask if you want to travel there, say yes and it should load.

If you have only just started the game then it is possible you might not be allowed to access it yet, in which case you’d need to play the base game some more first. (I don’t know if this is the case or not because when I got it, I’d already played the base game for some time.)


Thanks FullNietzsche - Thats what Im thinking too, I’ve also been playing Forza 3 & 7 but I think you need to get to a point score in FH4 before you can unlock the Fortune Island part of the game. No mention of this however when I purchased the expansion pack. I just wondered maybe because I didn’t originally purchase FH4 from the Games Pass store that the DLC won’t work ? $26 later and I can’t access the content. Very frustrating indeed.

It will have nothing to do with the fact you have the disc version, that much is certain so don’t worry about that.

There is a simple thing to check:
Go to the Autoshow and see if you can buy a Funco F9.

Its an add-on car linked to Fortune Island. If its not there, then the add on is not installed. At le

Not sure what to do in this case though, since I play on pc.

Thanks Guys - Currently a lot of the content is locked so I’ll have to rack up some more points I guess. I’ll see if the Funco F9 is available ? There must be some way to check if the expansion pack is installed ?
Any info appreciated.

check installed games via the xbox and it should list separately as an installed game.

I had the same problem with the lego expansion. Was listed as installed, but was all greyed out until I’d played for a bit. Unfortunately I did not notice at what point it unlocked, so can not help you there.