Expansion pack won't install on my PC

Expansion pack and Fortune island pre-installs wont actually install on my PC but i get error code [Code: 0x803FB005], is there any way this can be fixed, or do i have to wait for release?

Mine installed today, then when I start the game it tells me the whole game cannot be found, so maybe you are lucky that it can’t install.

I don’t have a PC, but while updating everything on my Xbox One I found that Fortune Island was ready to download. So I thinks it’s installed but does this mean Horizon 4 is going to start pre installing DLC’s?! :black_heart::+1:

“Fortune Island” was a preload. You can download it, but not play. :wink: Therefore you can’t install the DLC yet.

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Will it install itself if it’s already downloaded?

I found the Realese time its 7pm. -.- (in Germany)

Please help. I can’t instal too (error 0x803FB005) in pc.

Had the update, but since then game doesn´t start anymore - thank you !

I am also having this issue (error 0x803FB005)

I’ve tried troubleshooting it but I’m not getting anywhere. :’(

I have the same problem the expansion wont install Code: 0x803FB107. there going to keep trying to install but its going to keep failing. I found some registry entries for the expansion that wont install but it wont let me delete them

Please help and I’m sorry this is probably such a dumb question but I bought the FH4 Lego speed champions for my son which I think is an ‘add on’.

It doesn’t work though so do I need to actually have the main FH4 game itself before it will work?

Yes. You will need FH4 base game and to do all the season showcases before you can enter the DLC.