Help! audio voice over not working

This may seem strange but i am not getting the voicethrough from the main characters voice or the gps voice or the information voice where the little speaker appears the volume for voice on the audio menu is full but no voice over ??? Any sugestions

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I can fix this for you, the fix may sound strange but trust me… Hold your finger on the power button on your Xbox for 15 seconds, leave the console for 1 minute. Turn the console back on, go to settings then on “Display and sound” then under the TV section change it from “HDMI” to “Auto-detect”. Believe me this sounds crazy but it will work!


Thanks bud problem resolved

i tried this and it didn’t work for me. i found out it now works on stereo but i want to use my surround sound which was working fine for the last year upto about 4 days ago when this started happening. i wonder if its somthing to do with a update. can microsft, playground games or turn 10 have a look at this please

this helped for me as well thanks bud

That Helped! Tnx