Has Forza 5 difficulty increased in the past 12 months?


I’m physically disabled with coordination issues. Despite this I have successfully played Forza since version 4 and both horizons. Fed up with horizon 2 so thought I would go back to Forza 5, in preparation for Forza 6.

Obviously given my difficulties, I have all assists on. When I left it for Horizon 2, I had completed 4 leagues and completed 14 out of 72 on the specialised championships. In the last couple of weeks, I simply cannot control the cars.

I am struggling to keep control of my cars-so yes I could turn the driveatars off, however, the issue appears to be how bad I am and not the difficulty of the opponents?

Any ideas?


Simple problem really. You left 5 and got a little rusty. It happens all the time no matter the skill level.

Sometimes you can leave a forza motorsport title and come back and only have a few days of shaky driving. Other times it seems to last longer.

The only remedy is seat time.

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Agreed. Playing Horizon a lot in particular can have this effect, since it feels very similar to FM but is actually quite different.

For me personally, the issue is the brakes. After playing FH, I tend to brake too little or too late (or both) in FM. The opposite can also happen: if I’ve been playing lots of FM, I’ll brake too much, or too early, if I boot up FH.

Like Swerve said, just keep driving, it’ll all come back.

P.S. try taking the Batmobile for a spin in the recent Batman game. While it’s a hoot, it will give you a new appreciation for games where the car physics make sense.

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What??? I limit myself to six hours a week, or, in other words, to only the weekend and I really don’t know what you are talking about! Everytime I leave Forza 5 or Horizon 2 for a week (sometimes for two) I have the same skill level as the previous session. I have left Forza 5 for two months and last week, I played it a bit - I was driving the same way. Lucky me, I guess?

Other than the above have you missed any controller update? Or could some settings have been changed? It sounds like you’ve been away for some time. I am disabled as well and have nerve damage to all four limbs. My manual dexterity is a bit restricted but i can still race at a decent pace. Having said that i think i am less competitive than i was in Forza 4. I’m waiting to get. Hands on look at an elite controller to see if it might help me get a bit faster with its swappable parts.

I have to agree. I can throw the cars around with reckless abandon on Horizon 2, or even Forza 4 as well, but Forza 5 requires me to use a lot more finesse! So coming back after a while, it takes me a few minutes to get up to speed.

Its more about getting used to the game from another game.

Forza 5 is hard. Its hard at the start and once you get used to it its easy.

F5 Is also harder than any other forza game. I think F5 is harder than Pcars.

Well it’s 14 days later and it’s not improved. I have updated the controller. All the assists are on and I just cannot do it.

I’m currently driving an atom won’t even drive in a straight line-I keep having to correct it veering to the side. I even switched back to horizon 2, tried one championship race and won it easily.

Any thoughts?

Maybe start off in something a little slower in one of the lower classes, rather than jumping in to an Atom. I’ve played Forza games for years but only picked up the one/ fm5 two weeks ago, so still finding my way a bit myself at the moment.

I’ve noticed myself overheating the rear tyres quite a lot, which can take a corner or two to catch - cars aren’t as planted as they were on fm4 for sure.

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The reason I was trying to do the Atom Track Toys was simply that’s where I left the career at.

There are some easier to drive track toys you can try.

Which is fair enough - but given the time you’ve been away from the game and that you find yourself struggling - might be worth stepping back a little.

Have a look in the tuning lounge, there are some free tunes there - I know ECT Loco has a thread with some free tunes & have tried both the A class TT & D Class BMW 2002 didn’t get anywhere close to Loco’s times but PB’d in the top 2000 with both. Try something like that & see how you get on.

Good luck


Its the car, the Atom.

Yeah. I don’t know why, but the track toys and ultimate track toys (sorry if those aren’t the exact names) cars drive like crap unless you have a good tune. I always found myself wrestling these cars. They were always either stiff or loose.

Even if I have only been driving for a bit, (but played majority of all other Forzas because I only got live for Xbox One recently) I believe it’s the physics: Forza 5 re-engineered the physics, so cars have a lot more whip back and skid/grip emphasis than in previous games(my opinion). It could also be drivatars, because they are technically real people, but just less accurate.

Hey Dragonwheels, i have similar issues. I’m lucky that they came about after i’d already gotten good at Forza, so i can still race, but yeah, some assists are on that didn’t used to be.
Coming back to 5 I remembered that it has a lot less grip than Horizon. You really have to use the brakes, and if you’re off the racing line, the auto brake often isn’t very good. lol
I only use assists like ABS and manual but no clutch, so it’s not as bad for me, as engine braking in this game can really benefit your times i’ve found. So you may struggle with your times, but at least they have all these assists that still let us less abled people keep playing.
Also 14 days isn’t that long to get back into the swing, it took me a couple of months last time. lol
Just remember there’s less apparent grip than Horizon 2 or Forza 4, and engine braking can help a lot if you can do it. My issues are all down my left side, so have issues with braking mostly, so using the gears on my right hand really helped.
If you ever need any advice, let me know.
Oh, one tip, if you wrap loom bands or elastic bands around the ‘arms’ on the xbox controller, it gives you more grip when you have issues like ours. I have bandage wrapped around my controller, it really helps me. I’ll see if i can get a pic up to show you what i mean. Keep racing dude, it’ll all come back, just in time for Forza 6 and different physics model! lol

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