NOTE: This is for the PC Version

Let me start off with the good. I really like the graphics. The cars feel like they have good weight to them and the environment feels pretty real. The menus are really nice (apart from not being able to escape from the first and second race and get back to the menu) but overall, it’s a really nicely done well rounded game.

That being said, you’re handling is horrid. It’s honestly what turned me off from Forza games in the first place because it doesn’t feel real. I own a 2015 STI and I drive it every day. I know exactly how it handles. At 45MPH, I should not be skidding or sliding my tires in the least bit, yet in Forza, simply taking a 90 degree turn at 45 will not only make you skid and possibly over steer, but it will also whip back into the turn sometimes making you spin out (especially if you’re playing without driving Assists).

I tried turning off Stability control and assisted braking/steering as well as getting rid of the lines. I’m coming from playing F1 2011-2015 where it’s VERY unforgiving about going around a corner at too high of a speed even if you’re doing under 50MPH, but at least when I go around a corner there, it sticks like it should because the Gforces aren’t letting the car act as though it were driving on a piece of ice.

It seems that all the tires in FM6A are made of plastic, and when they get heated up too much, they turn into food trays and let you drift around in circles.

Idk guys… It can’t possibly be that difficult to give the game the grip that it deserves. Even on the intro mission, in the new Ford GT, you almost don’t have enough grip to hold the inside lines that you should be able to without using the people you’re passing that are on the outside, as a guardrail to push against.

One other thought while I’m thinking about it. While driving the Second mission in the rain in the Golf R. While I was slipping and sliding all over the place and barely maintaining corners sometimes, my opponents doing the same speed as I was, were holding inside lines and passing me at higher speeds. If I increased my speed, I’d be in the dirt or in the rocks. This is grade A BS and you know it. The AI should never be able to do more than you with the same tools at their disposal giving them an unfair advantage.

All that being said. Thanks for the demo, it was somewhat fun seeing my car in a 3D rendering… but… it’s just not real.
I’m gonna go outside and drive my real one now… and enjoy the traction it offers. Cheers.


If you instantly turned 90 degrees at 45 MPH, your car would most definitely slide in real life.

I also doubt that you know how your STI would feel when controlled by an XB1 pad.

Like harmonic said, it’s down to steering input. Forza has it’s own steering feel on pad. Wait for wheel support for fair judgment

Unless they are redoing their wheel support completely this is an awful idea. Stick to driving on pad.


True story

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Is the wheel support in forza 6 that bad that a pad would be better??

I will just say cars are “drivable” with a wheel, but certain things can cause issues with racing with a wheel. Forza was definitely modeled around using a controller rather than a wheel and it shows with a lack of options when it pertains to the wheel. Pc racing game players are accustomed to certain options that are pretty standard fair in most racing games today, but are not in forza. Things like triple screen support, fov slider, automatic dor and multiple ffb sliders are not present in forza. Theres basically one slider for vibration and one for overall ffb strength. As far as controller vs wheel, im at least 2-3 seconds faster with a controller, but if you can find the right car that actually has a good base ffb, it has a better immersion factor i guess and fast times are possible. If youre horrible with a controller, than a wheel might help you, but also introduces some other challenges associated with what i said above. Im hoping with turn 10s foray into pc gaming that some of these common place options are added to both the pc and xbox one versions of the games in the future.

I agree completely! There is something wrong with the handling, the car skid too much in turns. I come from forza 4 and assetto corsa.
Assetto Corsa also gives you the option to really fine tune your controller settings. We need it here too.


Agreed. The cars lose traction WAY too easily. I can’t brake AT ALL without sliding at least a little bit even though I have ABS, TCS and Stability Control on. Supercars like the McLaren P1 and the Nissan GT-R drift all over the place if I as much as touch the brake trigger. It’s been years since I last played Forza (Forza 4 on X360) but the handing in that game sure as hell wasn’t this crappy. It was absolutely perfect on a gamepad.

Of all the cars I’ve driven in the game so far, the Honda Civic touring car is the best. It grips A LOT better than any other car but it’s still pretty terrible under braking.

E: In fact, I might just plug in my X360 when I get home tomorrow and do a comparison between Forza 4 and Apex.

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Don’t try to make corrections with the left stick. Turn in full lock once, alter the trajectory of the car with the throttle, then on on corner exit ease off the left stick and balance it against the throttle input.

Agree. Car skidding everywhere, consistently locked brakes and the car is either too floaty/too heavy. Even the P1 doesn’t handle too great (having driven the same car in Driveclub and Project Cars where the car is really fast, but really responsive with great brakes). Here it feels kind of slower than it should be and like you’re putting your foot through mushy peas to slow it down

I found this forum post by searching for “Forza Apex handling awful”, and I agree completely. I’m not sure what went wrong here, but this isn’t right. I play Forza (4, Horizon, H2) on the Xbox 360, and use an Xbox 360 on my PC - while waiting for wheel support - and it feels nothing alike. It also handles unlike any other PC game. Where did Turn 10 find these handling parameters? Drive with assists on and the cars handle like the front wheels and brakes are made of stone (and aren’t turning). Too few assists, and the car constantly spins the wheels and loses control (even on a dry track). Set what should be a happy medium of assists - while feeling like a noob - and it still doesn’t work; even if you drive so that the car behaves, you’ll be going FAR too slow and will lose the race by a mile, even if the competitors are in the same car, in the same conditions. Just horrible! sigh Even the Need For Speeds games handle better than this… and I was expecting more. Actually, to be honest, I think its pretty unforgivable to even launch this thing without wheel support included (even in beta form).

This isn’t a sim PERIOD. Do these guys even use real world data?

Now I’m up playing the faster cars, I can safely say this game is as far from Sim as a Forza title ever has been for me. OMG, what do they base the handling on lol, it’s impossible to control or race the P1 at Rio, the Aerial Atom dont even get me started, the wheels spin when your not applying throttle in a corner on that thing. I refuse to play the game any more, until 1 they either get proper wheel support, or 2 they really look at their handling physics. Coming from Assetto Corsa, Iracing and even Project Cars, this game has a long long way to go if it wants to call itself a sim game…or even sim/arcade.

Just feels wrong on controller and Forza was always very good on controller back in the day even though I’m mainyl a wheel and pedals guy.

Really ?

yeah really…show me the setup with all aids off, no stability control nothing.

As you can see in my video there is no abs, tcs and stuff icon blinking beside the speedo. I only use normal steering. No abs, tcs, stabilty control. And manual shifting since Forza 2 :slight_smile:

I got first or second place in that race with no stability control. The only assist besides the breaking line was using the normal steering instead of simulation as simulation is completely broken with pads due to the heavy steering dampening.

IT was “Simulation Steering” the culprit. I always remember having that turned on in the old Forzas. Thank god, turned it off and now all the proper fast cars totally fine handling wise even with all aids off.

Will leave Sim Steering disabled until we get proper wheel support, it’s just way to twitchy. Your video looked nothing like my gameplay thats why I knew there was somthing different. I’m a top 1% (top 100 hotlapper on most circuits on FM3 and FM4) so I know how to play, your vid just looked nothing like what I was experiencing.

All sorted now.

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And the reason for that is because they decided to dumb down the simulation and force heavy steering dampening that will stop you from being able to turn the wheel as much as you like.
Forza 4 had none of those artificial limitations and as a result you could actually have better control if you learned to drive with simulation controls even when using a pad.
What I find funny is that even arcade racers like The Crew gives you more control over those settings.

Really sad to see my favorite simcade slowly turning into an arcade racer.