Greetings from Dominican Republic

Greetings forum

For me is an honor to be part of the Forza community and to have the chance to enjoy this wonderful game.
I own an Xbox console for the first time, and this is also my first try on a Forza game, being playing always on competition.

I am enjoying every aspect of the game (but the Destructuion Derby of Multiplayer), and one the favorite aspect is the oportunity to create a personalized livery for the car I will be racing.

I started some designing and I came to the forum full of joy to share my creations, but when I see the topic of the design contest winners I became ashamed of my creation, you people are unbelievable talented and detailed; i wonder how many hours some of these design took to be done.

Here are my two first creation

Best regards

War Bird

Dominican racing car

Welcome buddy! No need to be ashamed around here. Lots of these guys have been at it for years and years and have completed over 100 paints, practice will only make you better! Stick around on these forums for a while and get yourself involved. Don’t be afraid to speak to anyone and/or ask for any help if you need it, we’re a friendly bunch and we’re always willing to lend a hand. For someone that’s just started you’re on the right track! What I would suggest if you wish to better yourself is to find a simple design that you like and try to replicate it in game, focus on getting the sponsor logos spot on as this will make or break a paint! Download some logos and layer groups and trace them, you’ll quickly develop a really good understanding of the vinyl shapes and how they can be used. I’d recommend searching for PJTierney’s logos, they’re all very accurate and he has a wide variety to choose from. I’m sure a few of the other guys will give you some feedback too! Best of luck man, looking forward to seeing you round more in future.

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Thanks a lot!

Haha! this afternoon I turned on my console and tried to run some race but I was thinking about painting cars, I got bored quickly of race and expend my time creating a new design, the Warhead.

This painting/vinyl feature is just awesome, I am in love.


welcome to the forums!

I agree with everything foggy said… just keep practicing in the paint editor, and don’t be to shy to ask if you need help :slight_smile: