Hello everyone ^^

i dont now if i can make this thread here so if i cant just tell me or an admin may place it where you see suited, thanks

i just felt i had to thank all the guys that make so many and i mean MANY AWESOME PAINTS in the Forza games!

i wanted to mention some names like David Mckenna, SweedishThunder, skyline0123, motor sw, MEXIC075, LS FOGGY, etc but there are SO MANY talented guys out there making absolute masterpieces that i cant keep up and mention all of you, all i can do is admire and really THANK YOU ALL for your hard work and time spent on making these paints!

in my opinion you guys are the main reason why Forza is so special and different from every other racing game ^^

so to keep it plain and simple THANK YOU ALL! :slight_smile:


…and thank you for taking the time to show support for the paints you like and use. Its always nice to know and you do it often around here!


+1 =D






well i am not very good at painting like you guys, dont have much patience or the know how lol

so i like to express my gratitude, there are real masterieces here that really make me wonder if it is the original or not ^^

i have some of your paints too Piscettios! :wink:

thank you for making this post

I second that. I’ve taken plenty of marvelous paints from this community. I don’t use them a lot because I don’t have too much time to drive, but they’ve all received a like.

I can also add that now I’m enjoying painting a lot too with your support guys. In fact now I spend more time painting than driving :slight_smile:

my pleasure guys, you all deserve it! :slight_smile:

yeah i know what you mean, i spend more time searching paints/tunning and sometimes making some logos or stuff myself than i do actually driving :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve only just noticed this post. It’s nice when fellow gamers thankyou for their work. I love racing games, but am rubbish at them so spend all my Forza 6 time making logos and doing the F1 liveries :slight_smile:

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Thanks for taking your time man. We paint for the enjoyment but the appreciation definitely motivates us.

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Much respect to Master Painters and everyone who shares their best efforts! So fun to “shop” with so many amazing liveries to choose from!
I’ve given many “Likes,” but wanted to also chime-in here. Keep up the fantastic work, everyone!

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