graphic quality in xbox one fat

I bought the top education of forza and I am upset with the graphic quality of the game for xbox one fat.
when I finish the race and I watch the replay certain cars the interior are just ugly squares without any skins comes to hurt the eyes.
in some other vehicles the dashboard in the show blur or blur in the dashboard dashboard dashboard among other details.
another disappointment and that when it boots to see the engine does not appear the fixed technique of the same as power torque number of cylinders of the engine displacement.
when it boots in the animated view of the forza no longer tells the story of the car and the automaker and does not appear its data as name year of manufacture among others as usual in the series forza since 4, 5,6 very sad with the investment made please could correct these simple mistakes but that will bring out the brilliance of the game as one of the best racing simulators of all time as I said and I am a big fan of the franchise and I do not want to give up the same since already very grateful for the attention paid

Perhaps, it’d be a good idea to properly format your content before posting it so that folks from the support team can take it seriously.

And I don’t understand why people use the term fat xbox as if it’s inferior to the one S or one X? Allow me to educate you my friend;

There is no difference in quality at all between the original One and One-S. The latter only gives you HDR, which is a fancy dynamic contrast-type enhancement, nothing more. The One-X will give you 4 times the resolution + HDR, so it might possibly hide some of the ugliness you see.

The game was released in a half-finished state and they have now added so many extras that graphical quality had to be compromised. You might actually find the difference in car/track quality and detail between FM5 and 7 somewhat shocking. But at the end of the day, it’s all about compromises. I do appreciate the physics improvements and time of day change, weather effects but the graphical downgrade is hard to ignore I must admit.

Maybe they will optimize the game and better balance both the visuals and sounds, because quality aside, there are glitches all over. It feels like a rushed meal that the chef served because his shift was about to end.

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Chances are that English is not their native language, so may have used a translator; which are not exactly known for giving anywhere near grammatically correct sentence structure. Or they are just not great with English.