Graphics - Low quality car liveries on Xbox Console (1639444)

Decals show up pixelated and in low quality

Screenshots would be helpful, as well as information about platform and video settings :wink:

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There is an option within the settings for livery quality. I believe it’s under video settings (maybe advanced).
Have you tried setting this to a higher option?

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yes , especially the ones imported from previous games, plus when i try to apply an imported vinil group the game crashes, all the times…

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I’m on series s, I’ve looked for setting to change this but on consile there is limited video options. It looks bad even on the “visual” graphics, I’d be glad if you even had an idea :slight_smile: (image looks much better on my small phone screen rather then my tv)


On console so only VERY basic settings

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Heres another, on track though not as noticable (ignore bad circles)

I have experienced really low quality of graphics on my Xbox series S. The game looks really buggy and blurry. Below, are the images of what it looks like on my series S. The race tracks are really low quality too, with grass looking really flat and the race track with no detail just light grey even in dark lighting. I have tried everything to restarting my console, to restart the game, to setting the FPS and resolution to the max on both the console and TV, and still no change. I am really devastated at the fact that this game looks so unrealistic


There are low res texture issues, texture a s LOD pop issues, as well as flickering shadows ana textures on series X too but less noticeable.

Looks very good for the most part. Upgrade to SX.


The series s version is horrible in everything compared to fh5, I knew it wouldn’t be close to the series x but the game is worse than fh4 and fh5 comparing the graphic textures, It’s impossible to make a design playing on Series s. I really hope they fix it as soon as possible.


Hello. I have same problem in my XSX.


Yes, FM on series S looks like a X360 game :(. Worse than FM7 on XONE S… :frowning:

Total blurry…


This was already reported in the tech analysis by Digital Foundry and a few others prior to early access release.

It’s the console. You need a Series X or PC to see all the bells ans whistles.

It is not the console. Series S works well with other games.

But this game is bad port for this console. The game is exclusivity game and this game must run well on this console as FH5, Halo Inf., Starfield and other.

It is a shame. MS sold more series S than X.


I’m experiencing similar issues on a Series X(!) to a lesser extent, but still very annoying.


Another nexgen picture from my series S …

On XSx also it’s horrible
Cars on replays seems to fly over street
Shadows are worst than once on x360
Colors are terrible
Pop up of trees and in rt mode reflections are full of problems


I checked the known issues list and there isn’t anything listed other than manufacturer decals being pixelated.
All vinyl groups are pixelated on xbox series S.

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Same in our Series S. Looks Rally crappy. Same for both graphic modes.

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Same in our Series S. Does anybody From the Support reads the Posts Here ?