GP of Abu Dhabi

This weekend the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi will take place, but what about a cup within FM5???

Yeah really disappointed there isn’t one for it… Makes having the track in the game kinda go to waste really was looking forward to a full race on it.
Also did they re run the multi class endurance race of prague? Never got to run that either as servers went down. Promised to re run but seen nothing about it.
I get there focused on FH2 but doesn’t take much to add something new to the FM5 hopper now and then.

2 hours of corner cutting


It’s a shame you grind to a halt if you put one wheel off at Indianapolis but at Abu Dhabi you can spend half your time off the track and that’s fantastic. FM6 needs to rethink their penalties, maybe giving a big time penalty for missing half the track. Cut half the corners and get credited for a five-minute lap, not on the leaderboard but as a race result. Cross the finish line first but get credit for sixteenth place after all the penalties.


I like the way Gran Turismo does time penalties, it calculates the time saved by cutting corners andputs you down to first gear for that amount of time during the actual race.

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agree - I always liked that too.