What's up with you being able to cut corners on Rivals mode and still get counted for a clean lap?

On Spa, you can saved seconds on your lap but cutting across turn 2/3. You don’t even have to turn for that slight right going up that little hill. Just go over the barrier and completely straight and it still counts for a clean lap.

i have noticed the same on other tracks. from what i have noticed since FM6 launch is that they promote dirty racing. i understand that yeah dropping a wheel here and there on a corner will happen but being able to get the whole car in the dirt/grass in the turn still gives you a clean lap time.

They should really fix that. I’m not even a fan of that lap time I put down because of that turn. But if you don’t cut that corner then you won’t put down a respectable leaderboard time since most people are doing it. It ruins the challenge of that turn with the huge potential of oversteer. So that leaderboard is pretty much a lie since the first couple places cuts that corner so hard.

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