Gold Membership Features

I finnaly got FH2 for the Xbox One and I will start playing it this weekend. I was wondering which of the features, that are available to the Xbox Live Gold members are/are not available to Silver accounts. Stuff like Car Clubs and such, excluding multiplayer, as I already know that is Gold only. In my situation it is not easy to get individual games, let alone Gold membership. I will be thankful if this is made clear to me. Happy Forza adventures!

Multiplayer, receiving gifts, Forza Rewards, photo uploads/downloads, livery uploads/downloads, vinyl group uploads/downloads, and Rivals mode require a gold membership. I think I got 'em all.

Are you sure? I’m not a Gold member but was still able to use Forza rewards, liveries, tunes, rivals, photos both upload and download in FM5. Since Horizon 2 uses the same engine I should also be able to do so in it, right?

is there someone else on the console that is a gold member, that would explain it, otherwise you shouldnt have access to those features

I swear, in FM5 I could do all these things, including recieving gifts (something I neglected to mention in my previous post) without Gold membership. For Forza rewards it is stated that a Gold account is not required but for the others I don’t know what is the situation. Also back in FH1 you were able to access rivals without Gold. I would also like to point out that I use an original FM5 GOTY copy and a legitimate Xbox One (no hacking, pirating or other illegal activities done). I was and still am able to use all of these features in FM5, completly legitimately. I suppose I will post here again this weekend about whether I am able to use these features in FH2 or not. Still I would like to see this explained because it is weird that I am able to do this, originally intended or not.

Well you’re mistaken becuase Gifts were never in FM5 except from T10 and that was if you were a VIP mostly

No, I’m not mistaken. The gifts I talked about were from T10, the ones you get for having a high Forza rewards score when you play the game through the first championship. I can’t remember which ones but this is what I meant by “gifts”. And yes I do know that gifting, selling and sharing cars is not posible.

I can confirm that I can use all of the gold features, excluding mutiplayer. But there is something even weirder. The game thinks I’m a VIP, when I accually am not! I don’t have access to the VIP cars, but my gamertag has the crown next to it and I recieve double wheelspin rewards! Can someone explain what is going on, because although really cool, this is not normal.