What can't I do in Horizon 3 if I don't have Gold?

I’m about to get Horizon 3 on Xbox One soon, but I only have an Xbox Live Silver account. I know I can’t do online multiplayer, but that doesn’t bother me. But what else can’t I do if I don’t have a Gold account? I know in the first Horizon on the Xbox 360, I couldn’t upload photos or buy designs from the storefront without a Gold account. Is that still true in Horizon 3? (I never played Horizon 2 because I just got an Xbone)

I know that you can download designs/tunes without Gold in FH3 (you don’t even have to pay for them, though the design/tune creator still gets awarded credits based on # of downloads, uses, and likes), but I think Gold is still needed to upload photos, though I might be wrong. You can also use the Auction House without needing Gold. Hope that helps! And I failed to mention that you can create and share designs and tunes, and do Rivals events without Gold.

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Thanks! Do you know if I’m able to upload my own designs to the storefront as well without Gold?

I don’t know if it’s storefront-based or not, but yes, you can share your designs with the community without needing Gold. I think they redid it on all XB1 games so that individual storefronts were done away with (at least in FM5, FH2, and FM6, not sure if they brought them back in FH3), and replaced them with a giant design catalog where you can download designs for free, though the creator still gets awarded credits based on the number of downloads, uses, and likes. There is a search tool that you can use to narrow down what you’re looking for based on style of the design (keywords), or you can type in a specific description of what you’re looking for (in the “description” category), or you can even search for designs from a specific creator (choose “creator” and type in their gamertag). Hope that helps!

If you want to play Fh2, you can as it is on the Backwards Compatible list, or was that Forza Horizon 1?

Sorry I cant check as I only have limited internet access right now…

That was FH1. FH2 is available on both XB1 and XB360, though I’d recommend the XB1 version.

Thanks everyone, this was all fantastically helpful! I’m glad I’ll be able to download designs on my cars and upload my own without Gold.

You’re welcome! Glad I could help!