Horizon 2 Online with Gold Membership

I already bought Horizon 2 and got a Gold Membership.This same thing happened to me when I bought Forza 5 and it’s still conntinues there too! Same thing happens there with Horizon 2 that I can’t even play a Forza Online (5 and Horizon 2) with Gold Membership.I bought the Ultimate edition but cars that coming with DLCs are not free in game.I want to play Forza online I bought that console for this.I can play Fifa 15 without any problem online…

Have you contacted Microsoft about this? The fact your Gold Membership doesn’t get “validated”, might be something on their end.

That said, unsure if you are only having these problems in last 24H; there seems to be some major issues with XBL at the moment.

I’m chatting with Microsoft Support now.They are saying that it’s an in-game issue.They adviced me to contact with game devoloper so I opened topic here.I think nothing wrong with Gold because I can play Fifa 15 online.And issue is not something new.It’s happening since I bought the console , started with Forza 5 , continuing with Horizon 2…

If any constructive reply isn’t posted in your thread, the alternative is to email forzafb@microsoft.com stating your case.

Sorry to hear these 2 games seem to fail for you; hopefully someone/sometime will solve it for you.

I sent them an e-mail to them.Hope they can fix my problem.I searched on forums but it looks like I’m the first one who got that problem…

Still no answer.Want to what is the problem but I can’t get any answer for my problem.Is there any other way to contact Turn 10 Studios?

I’ve been having the same problem for the past few days. I was initially able to play online but it just stopped recognising my gold membership on Sunday I think.