Question About Forza Motorsport 6 Related to Xbox Live

Hello. This may be a stupid question as I do not own Forza Motorsport 6 yet but in the gameplay videos I have seen whenever they purchase a car they have an option to choose a livery right after or before they buy the car. I was wondering if an Xbox Live Gold membership is required to use those liveries as a lot of them seem like they are really nice. Also, since I don’t have an Xbox Live Gold membership, what other features will I miss out on? I remember on Forza Motorsport 4 the auction house as well as the storefront required an Xbox Live Gold membership. Is this true with Forza Motorsport 6? If it is, it will definitely not influence my decision to buy an Xbox One, but I was just wondering. Thanks.

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As far as im aware you only need gold for mp , you can do anything else without it

Mate, I believe that there’s only one style of Xbox Live Membership available now. Account with Xbox | Xbox

There used to be a Basic, a Silver and of course, a Gold. But Gold is the only one available now. Do a google and you’ll only find Gold details.

And to get access to several aspects of the game, you will need an Xbox Live account. As stipulated in the fine print on all Xbox games.

It’s required so that saves and certain aspects of the games functions can be activated.

Read the back of any Xbox One game you have, right down the bottom in the very small fine print where is discusses the game’s abilities etc.

Several titles offer you a Free 1-3 month Gold Membership when you buy the game.

They self renew the me,bets hip unless you discontinue it prior to the expiration date of the free membership.

But when you do, synching data, access to the cloud fir saves etc is disconnected. You miss out on both game and console update unless you’re connected to the net.

The Live Account also gives you access to the Play Anywhere Anytime services for mobile devices, PC and Xbox, from original Xbox to current.

So if you were to grab a NEW copy of Forza 6, you’d more than likely get the 1 or 3 month Free Membership.

Once you’ve got xperienced that, you can the determin if you want to continue it.

Additionally, having the Gold a Membership gives you access to games on demand, games that are on sale to Gold Members only etc. irrespective of the type of game.

My son has it, even though he doesn’t have a viable internet connection. He comes over here every few weeks, plugs it in, it updates itself, grabs any credits he’s gained while not being connected, and then goes home. As he lives in an area in Sydney that has terrible Internet service connections.

Do try and grab a free code, you might find one on some of the various code auction sites online. Not sure if their URLs, but I’m certain others would know them, or just check online, you’re bound to find on.

Trust that helps a little.



Thanks. That helps a lot.