Glitched Road? Exhaust Fire? (360)

Is anyone else on 360 getting their roads turning rainbow and green and staying like it? I have just experienced this and I wanted to know if it was console specific, is anyone on the One experiencing this as well? And I’ve also noticed that the exhaust positioning doesn’t change for each car, so I have rear bumpers with different exhaust configs from the stock ones yet flame is still coming out of the stock exhaust position? Noticed on Golf R with ABT rear bumper.
I know that all the differences between the two console versions were mentioned however I didn’t realise exactly how bad they were, I am kinda feeling a bit done over by Turn 10 and Sumo here, they could have at least improved on H1 within 360, instead of releasing a bodge job’ed, oddly thrown together stripped down version on the One’s game - I mean, 360 users don’t even get the docks! Where am I supposed to drift now?


Exhaust problem on the xbox one version as well but no problems with roads like you have described. The problem with exhausts has been a Forza problem since they put flames from the exhausts, abit disappointed they can’t sort it out

No road problems on X1 here, and I have played it a lot

I’m on the 360 and have never seen the roads change color like that.