Glad I waited

I am so glad I didn’t cave and get the Ultimate Edition. I will be going to EB Games to cancel my pre-order…back to a post-Christmas purchase on a Boxing Day sale.

Hopefully, the issues the players have been complaining about will be patched by then, and if not, at least I didn’t pay full price. It’s sad that in today’s world NO game comes out finished any more and we have to wait for patches/fixes etc.

I’m also glad I read the forums…I don’t trust review sites any more either. I listen to my fellow players. The wonky Driveatar AI, the super charged Mini and the lack of customization in Free Play was MORE than enough for me to stay away for now.

So in one way, thanks to those who have pointed everything out…at the same time, sorry to you all who dropped a whole bunch of cash for a game that was released incomplete.

Hopefully, Turn 10 gets this mess sorted out.

I’m sure this thread will be locked, or it’ll get the typical “Goodbye then, won’t be missed” replies. But if racing is the main thing you want out of the game, all we need is more classes to choose from online, and a few weird bugs to be sorted (like the Mini and the diff settings somehow making it faster in a straight line). Once they’re fixed, the game should be worth it, keep coming back to the forums and checking for updates.

Drifting just needs custom public lobbies, and drag needs a better “drag mode”. But I don’t think they’ll be sorted.

But yea, as of right now, the game is pretty sub par. Sadly

By upgrading the diff and tuning it you can change the settings. This can result in the car being quicker (not faster) in a straight line because of how the power is put down.

Adding a diff won’t result in a top end increase but it can result in faster acceleration times for the 0 - 60 or 0 - 100 reading. It shouldn’t be anything drastic since in the real world most of these cars aren’t that poorly set up but they are set up for street driving and not racing so (cars like the mini anyways)…

Sure there may be some issues with the game as well as some actual bugs but in reality, shouldn’t you wait until the release date before seeing how they are handled? Think of the people playing between the tenth and the fifteenth as sort of a mini open public beta.

I think what most people are disappointed with isn’t anything to do with the driving, the look, or the feel of the game but a couple features that are not in the game. This does not mean that their exclusion is a game breaker as the game functions as intended and is very nice to play, it just has a different set of features from past titles but isn’t it expected that as you move forward and progress you make changes?

Good for you.


To be fair, I haven’t been affected by the bugs and am enjoying it. Glad to have splashed the cash. Given how complex games are, it must be nigh on impossible to release games bug-free nowadays (anyone who programs know how easy the little beggars get in to your code, and how difficult they are to remove).

Sorry that you’re having problems though . . .


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Last COD game I played was Black Ops…thanks for generalizing though. You have no idea what games I play.

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You have me wondering what you’ve read because i’ve been playing the game for a couple of days and haven’t come across one ‘bug/glitch’. There are some things that players aren’t too fond of, but there’s nothing game-breaking. In fact, as far as racing goes, it’s the best experience we have on consoles. When you’re in the car, on the track, it’s fantastic.

Surprised you’ve gone to such an extreme as to post about how much you don’t want the game yet…


I haven’t been afflicted by any bugs thus far… Knock on wood… I am glad I purchased Ultimate as I am in love with Forza all over again!!! That comes from someone who was kicking up a storm over no physical LE.


no bugs here for me, im happy i bhought ultimate edition, best game ever ::slight_smile:

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You’re missing out on a great game


I hope you realize that half of the online isn’t even available yet, and people are complaining about it. They have posted in numerous places that they know of the issues and are working on ways of fixing it. They have told us exactly what is here and what is coming on September 15th, when the game officially releases. You can’t take your judgement of this game from people who obviously don’t use their resources to find anything before posting about it on the forums.

P.S. - This is a great game, and when the full game releases, there will most likely be a Day One Patch that will correct most of these problems, as it was stated on the Week in Review that they are working tirelessly to solve the problems that players are experiencing. There will also be a TON of new hoppers and multiplayer opportunities, which were also stated in this week’s Week in Review.


I don’t play multiplayer - so none of those updates concern me. I do hope it gets sorted out for everyone who does play though! That’s a huge part of the game for most people.

What gets me is the lack of free play options. How could this be? You cannot choose what cars your opponents race in? In this day and age there is no excuse for that.

Reading about the rubberband Driveatar AI…that is also a huge downfall. HUGE. As I only play single player.

I’m not saying I’m skipping Forza 6 totally…I’d never miss any Forza game. I’m just waiting for some patches/updates. This wasn’t meant to be a negative, I hate Turn 10 thread…at all.

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Where have you read that? I’ve noticed zero rubber banding


Read through this

Get back to me with your opinions please. Seriously looking for everyone’s opinions. This is not a hate thread. I haven’t even played the game yet lol…just seeing some stuff on here I don’t like.

There is occasionally a drivatar that pulls away but it seems to be a problem many are over-exaggerating, plus they’re not impossible to catch.

(for reference I use Pro difficulty)

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While I understand and concede your point on the Drivatars that not only rubber band past you, but rocket miles ahead of everyone else, that is one of the issues that they have pointed out on the forums as an issue that they are fixing. Like I said, I am almost certain that there will be a Day One patch that will fix this issue. I have experienced this numerous times in a Single player race, but I like it to a point almost because it forces me to push my car a little harder. These Drivatars that do that also mess up. That’s what you don’t hear on the forums. It has happened multiple times, where I am miles behind a car, and it goes shooting off of the track and they are suddenly behind me. I haven’t personally played Free Play, and I don’t usually, so I guess I don’t know what to say about that, except that my friend told me that you can technically force it by setting certain car restrictions (i.e. RWD, 650-750 hp) to force a certain kind of car. He does this kind of thing to force the Drivatars into F1 cars, as the Indy Cars that are also in X Class have less horsepower. It’s not impossible, you just can’t listen to everyone that whines on the forums.

I have had an absolutely wonderful time playing this game, and I have been here since Forza Motorsport 3, on a different profile, as I created this one in 2014. This game genuinely brings me back to Forza 4, that’s how good it is. Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to launch a game without some bugs or glitches in the system, as Forza Motorsport 4 had plenty of in it’s beginning, and look how we think of it now.

At least Turn 10 is taking time out of their day to fix the issue, which is more than can be said about other Game Developers. They even patched the DEMO. That never happens.

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Where does the WIR mention new hoppers?

I am sorry about that. I found it in the news in Welcome to Forza Motorsport 6.

This is only a taste of what is to come in Forza 6’s online game.

Hopefully T10 will sort this mess out, what mess are you referring too?

Not sure if this is a troll thread or what, if you’ve liked past forza games your love this one.

Forza 6 other than one or two tiny features I’d like to see patched in is a fantastic game imho.

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