G'day, welcome to Bathurst.

I’m Australian and was just wondering how many of you guys from other countries knew about Bathurst,and has it encouraged you to youtube or google it to learn more about it.
I myself like youtubing real Road America and Silverstone hot laps ect,to compare lap times,and study their style.
Australia is steeped in car culture and it makes me proud to be an Aussie and have people get a taste of our legendary track.

I average around 2:14 in S class Ford and Holden V8’s.


I’ve always liked Bathurst since the first Forza which featured a track that was based on Bathurst. It was crazy challenging and I missed it when it got dropped. I hadn’t seen the track since until it was released w real racing on ipad. But yes I watched youtube videos and raced it in real racing just to get used to the brake points and turn in points.

I love the track although racing on it is tricky being so narrow.


Yeah I’m mostly relaxed when racing on other tracks but for some reason I get twitchy at Bathurst,it’s a real seat of your pants kind of track.The slight Right dog leg at the bottom of conrod always gets my heart jumping.

I came to Sydney in Feb and the top of my list was a drive through the Blue Mountains and up to Bathurst, I did it and Go Pro’d it, Loved it, thats Spa, Silverstone and Bathurst I have been to off the game and loved each one, it gives you a completely different perspective when you race it afterwards !!

I love racing on Bathurst its one of my favorite tracks and I love racing around it !!

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I dont know if I could do that without getting a speeding ticket or two.I live in Perth and going to Bathurst is on my bucket list for sure.

Haha it was hard work ! here’s the vid the 60kmh limit sucks !! Still was an amazing track to go around and you could feel the history whilst driving round !!

I went into the Bathurst Motor Racing Museum and saw all the old cars but also they have a video you can watch showing the history of the mountain, well worth the watch !!

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Kinda knew about Bathurst a little before Forza 5 but the game definitely made me do a bit more research about the track. Also would love to see more V8 Supercars in the game bringing back the 1973 Ford XB Falcon GT from 4 would be nice also even though the game already has a pretty good roster of Ford cars.

I’d love to see Peter Brocks A9X Torana,and the xb you mentioned.Me and my flat mate play Holden vs Ford on splitscreen all the time.

Had to look up that car looks like a sweet Holden and I love classic car. Any of the recent Ute’s based on the Holden Commodore would be nice also.

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Yeah I don’t like Bathurst! I love racing Bathurst!!!

Favourite memory is watching Peter Brock set the fastest time on the last lap with the A9X Torana.

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Hay mate im a aussie lol

g’day m8 I hate your stupid track :stuck_out_tongue: ha ha jk well maybe not I really found it too challenging for me for months. Just really focused on getting it down when the Toll Holden challenge came out - 300 miles on Bathurst in the same car made me really learn it, now it’s a bit of a favorite, my wife loves the views :smiley: when she’s happy, I’m happy!

To tell the truth, I hated the track the first 50 times I raced through it. But now I have developed a good rhythm going through the technical portion of the track and this rhythm works from D class up to X. Since then I have been able to go back into the rivals and improve my times substantially. I can now state that it is one of my favorites and I always vote for it when it comes up in multi-player. Peace

It’s the best track in the game.

Everyone needs to get in a indy car and race on Bathurst ASAP!

LOL, I am glad I looked in here first. I was running a race on Bathurst last night and thought it reminded me of the old Blue Mountain Raceway from FM1. I was about to make a post asking if BMR was a knock off of Bathurst. I assumed as much since Sunset Peninsula was a knock off Daytona.

Thanks for the info everyone.

Had a blast on bathurst in TOCA 3!!! Ithink it was here in the states . I dont know why it took so long for this track to get on all the developers radar. Hope the take a page from the track list of race pro from the 360.!!! Hint Hint…

Hi. I knew about Bathurst but I never really paid too much attention to it until Forza 5. To me, it’s always been that one track in the land down under. I bet it’s the same for you when you think about my local tracks Laguna Seca and Infineon / Sonoma / Sears Point / whatever it’s called now.

Bathurst has become my favorite track. I love it. If I ever make it down to Australia, hopefully I will get a chance to see it.

As an American living in Kentucky, I knew little about the track before Forza 5. I grew up loving the Mad Max films and in a car loving household, so I was aware a little bit of the old Holden Monaro and Ford Falcon XB GT, and I knew there was an endurance race at a place called Bathurst where those legendary cars once tore up the pavement. But beyond that, I didn’t know a whole lot.

I have been happy to be educated further. I have watched many YouTube videos of onboard action and I’ve probably driven 3000 miles around the track in Forza 5. It is definitely one of the more unique tracks in motorsport.

the elevation change is massive. i took my gravitybike down there about two months ago and starting from sulman park through mcphillamy and stopping on the main straight i was able to reach 110kph. its a must see track especially during a race meeting 12hr or V8s.

quickest i have gone around here is 2:08