Gauging general interest for the return of the Kaido

In lieu of the track list being fully unveiled just weeks ago, I’ve been working on the image below in Photoshop for the good memories that was forged on the hills of Fujimi Kaido racing with some of the community’s best drivers. At first, I wanted to post this in the Wishlist section. But seeing how far it has progressed, I thought I’d just share it here instead to gauge the interest of fellow Kaido drivers and maybe attract those that weren’t so interested in it before.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I started toying around with the Pixlr Web Editor (basically just a stripped down version of PS) after finding out about the absence of Fujimi Kaido from Forza 6. I started from scratch just like I did when I started with Forza 1, seeing my designs getting better and better and finally coming to life a few games later. I started knowing absolutely nothing about image editing apart from really basic things like cropping and pasting.

I worked through trial and error without any tutorials to create the deep night that I envisioned for Fujimi Kaido to have, with many attempts looking like what you’d have if you lowered the brightness slider all the way left in the photo editor (not good). But one after another, every attempt started to look better than the last until the final version was finally achieved.

Once again, Forza has given me an opportunity to learn skills that would prove to be useful in the real world. And for that, I couldn’t be more thankful. And on that note, please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions below.

“Fujimi Kaido, The Light of The Dark”

Original image:

(Feel free to lock this if it breaches any forum rules)


As far as the photo goes, that is a very nice Forza shot you have there (original image). I like how the mountain comes up in the background but you seem to have gotten rid of that in he night image - why? I think it would be cool to have it included.

Oh, the original image wasn’t mine. I just googled it to be honest and it’s also the largest resolution of it I can find. Removed the mountain cause it’s got a flat-ish texture and looked even flatter after all the editing (with the snow cap having to glow in the moonlight and all). I’m about to put in the real Mt. Fuji in a sec or two.

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Was the power of the cloud utilized in crafting the night image?

After all the things I’ve read about impassioned demands to get Fujimi Kaido back, I feel like something has to be said. I’m pretty sure 90% of us want Fujimi Kaido back. I know I do, even though I’m no good at drifting, just because the scenery’s amazing and it’s a major technical challenge even for lower-class cars. It might be the most epic fictional track I’ve ever experienced in a racing game. But here’s the thing: How many FM4 fantasy tracks have made it to this generation so far? Just one – the Bernese Alps, which isn’t as well-loved as the likes of Fujimi Kaido or Maple Valley but at least gives T10 a chance to show off cold-weather conditions and their effects on the tire model. I’m guessing that’s the reason it had priority in carrying over, even if I’m guessing most of us would prefer other tracks like Maple Valley or the Camino Viejo series. But then that just leads to more questions as to how long it takes and how many changes need to be made to a fictional track to bring it up to current-gen standards.

Which brings us to… Hockenheim and Sonoma. It’s safe to say that FM5 didn’t really bring back a ton of the FM4 tracks as we knew them. Catalunya, Le Mans, Indianapolis, Laguna Seca, Road Atlanta, Sebring, and the Top Gear Test Track were the environments carried over that didn’t have some sort of updated layout or major rescanning effort – that’s seven, and one of those is practically a flat surface laid out with cones and tire walls. Even then, it’s not clear which of those tracks were fully rescanned due to “not being up to standards”. Silverstone, Road America, and the Nurburgring had new layout updates, with the latter two of those tracks coming after launch. Spa, Long Beach, Bathurst, and Yas Marina were the four new real-world locales, one of which was another post-launch track. Prague was one of the two new fictional locations; the other was the Test Track Airfield, which is another flat surface with a bunch of objects and buildings. So that’s the workload T10 was dealing with that apparently kept them from being able to bring over another two real-world tracks that were in FM4 and apparently don’t have any major layout changes to account for.

So if it takes that long to update real-world circuits of less than three miles that don’t have any major layout changes to account for, how long would it take to rebuild a ten-mile track, even a fictional one? And how much of the free time T10’s track-modeling department would need to do that with Fujimi Kaido was otherwise taken up by the efforts to create the new showcase fictional track that every FM title winds up featuring… oh yeah, and the six real-world tracks brand-new to the franchise, with another one, Indianapolis, that wound up recaptured? If there’s a reason T10 left out the Kaido, I’m guessing it’s less “we don’t care what the players want” and more “we have a lot of other time-consuming things to take care of first”.


No more has to be said my friend. I do understand the trivialities of such an enormous build. The time required to model an entire mountain road with similar fidelity to that of a laser scanned would be mind bogglingly long. Could also be the reason why American tracks are more prominent in this entry than last gen Forzas; to cater for the logistics and longer time required to scan and recreate each track.

Yeah, they didn’t have much choice, since Forza 5 was received badly due to the lack of tracks, they needed to work on modelling more tracks to make decent numbers, then they had to do the research to implement rain and night for a couple of them. Unfortunately, Fujimi is a massive track, and if they chose to model that for launch, there might have not been enough time to some of the other smaller tracks.

Hopefully they add it post-launch like they did with Nurburgring for Forza 5.


Very well put.

As I’ve said before, fantasy tracks don’t require rescanning but that doesn’t mean they don’t require any work to bring back. I’m curious how much time, work, and money would be required to bring back a fantasy track - perhaps one shorter than Kaido to begin with. Personally, I would gladly pay money for a “Fantasy Tracks of the Past” DLC. I can’t speak for others but I would even pay $59.99 if that’s what it cost to get a set of all the fictional tracks of FM2 - FM4.


Fujimi Kaido is, hands-down, my #1 track in all of Forza. It’s extremely valuable to the franchise as it is

A) More technical than any other course;
B) Longer than any other course;
C) Offers more elevation changes than any other course;
D) The franchise’ sole sprint track;
E) Can be driven both uphill and downhill for different experiences;
F) A public road, offering a more “natural” setting for unprepared, stock road cars.

It’s a shame we lost it. I’d pay money to get it back, but would also gladly accept it as a late-cycle DLC update.


This is all true and these are main resons why we love fujimi kaido. The replay on this track is big and it always feels like a new adventure


Cool art man, would love to see it

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I’d like to see Fujimi Kaido back. So i can race around it properly, annoying all the ricers. lol
It’s a fun track, racing, sliding etc. Best time i had on Forza was running a hill climb competition with low grip to simulate ice. Took one guy 3 hours to get up, another quit after 7 hours and everything in between. lol


I’d personally like to see a real-life hill climb circuit like Pikes Peak over Kaido coming back. But if we couldn’t have that, Kaido would be a welcome replacement. The hill climb aspect is just missing overall.

(This isn’t a wishlist post. This is a direct response to the OP.)


I’d always welcome more tracks, but if we were to get another track, I’d much rather the limited resources be spent developing a new track or better yet modeling a real world track rather than rehashing an old fictional track. If I really get nostalgic for Kaido I can always play it in FM4 once/if we get backwards compatibility for FM4.

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The trento bondone in Italy looks like a nice sprint event. It is in one of the pc games but not sure which…

More Tracks=More Fun .

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Fujimi Kaido is ridiculously fun, and I hope it eventually ends up as DLC or returns in FM7. That said, I’d rather see the addition of real Japanese race tracks like Suzuka and maybe Fuji Speedway before they start working on fictional ones, no matter how fun they might be.


I like the picture you’ve come up with. It looks pretty amazing.

I might be one of the few but I hated Kaido,would rather see Maple Valley!

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