Gameplay - Race Tires wear down differently in private multiplayer - (1638983)

Haven’t seen this one anywhere yet, but the tire durability is broken in private multiplayer.
They barely take any wear even in Full Sim, so you could run softs for ~50laps before they’re done

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How many laps would you propose they last if they were to be adjusted? And on which tracks?


I assumed they were broken? Have them be the same as in featured multiplayer ofc so that they actually have a purpose.

What’s the point in having them otherwise?

As far as I know it’s on all tracks. Atleast all that our community has tested so far

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YES! This is really annoying. We looked forward to finally being able to use tire wear in private lobbies, but it’s still as useless as it was in Forza 7. You need 1h+ races for wear to play a part in the races… Please fix this, T10 :)))


I would like to see the trye wear to be the same as in the feature multiplayer as that really works well


It would be nice to have an option to set tyre wear with 3 levels:

  • High wear (sprint), similar duration to the Featured Multiplayer events
  • Medium wear (normal), some level in between
  • Low wear (endurance), the current level being used in Private Multiplayer and Free Play

Honestly yeah, some kind of multiplier-slider would be ideal.
I’m just so befuddled that they FINALLY added different compounds - Then didn’t make them a usable part of the game for the communities that run their own leagues - Which are the people that asked for it in the first place :sweat_smile:


I would like to see a wear rate multiplier in the lobby settings.

It appears Featured Multiplayer is set to 4x faster than other game modes, a good fit for shorter races.

It would be nice to be able to pick a number ourselves (say, between 1x and 10x) in Private Lobbies.


Towards the end of a 5 lap race I pulled up the telemetry and saw under 6% tyre wear using soft racing slicks. This can’t be right? Was I looking at the wrong indication?

I followed the line pointing to the tyres with the percentage… So that’s for tyre wear I believe.

Single player.


So it’s either a glitch or a design choice.

Really bizarre and disappointing to say the least. They sounded so excited when mentioning different tyre compounds in the game prior to release.

Disappointing implementation.

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Hmm, well I might as well not even bother changing the compound then other than when I need extra grip.

I hate these issues and shortcomings I keep discovering the more I play the game…


I think they have time multiplier add to those events without showing it prior. Prior to the last patch that broke the game for me, I used to run 15 min. Free Play races on softs with x12 time progression with less than 20% wear after 8-10 laps at The Glen or Laguna Seca.
Turn10 needs a tire wear slider and fuel consumption slider (a long with fuel fill rate) option for Free Play. They also need to display tire and fuel modifier levels for the featured races.


playing in free play, no simulation damage of any kind related to tires/fuel/suspension and so on. i noticed after running laps my tune was changed on its own without me doing anything to the tune menu after applying my tune. even without a pit stop “since its not needed” the tires were changed., and some misses with camber on a few vehicles.

And freeplay.


It’s the same in career and free play. Even after a 5 lap race on soft tires, they would hardly take around 6% wear.

Was the entire game outsourced or something?


You think they put any thought into tyre wear models?

You guys need to understand, Forza is now a EDIT beta mobile app ported to gamepass.
It’s not a motorsport game any more.


I came to the forums just searching this bug/not feature.

Tire degradation is one of the best things in the new Forza, it adds so many different strats, improvising on the race, etc… in the multiplayer lobbies, it is super fun and it is well done.

But… it is only in multiplayer lobbies. My group is doing a lot of private races, and tires are useless there. Softs can do 50 laps without problems, lol.
We need the same degeneration in private multiplayers, free play and offline. But the most important one is private multiplayers for tournaments, group races, etc…

Im sure this is pretty easy to do, just accelerating the degradation with the same values as the multiplayer online lobbies.

Thanks in advance.

PS: we also need intermission on private multiplayer. In the intermission screen you can see tires and the event setup, and you can change tires easily. Right now is not intuitive to see all the info and change tires. But this is another topic…


It needs to be exactly like the multiplayer lobbies (touring cars lobby for example, is perfect).
That amount of degradation in that lobby (I guess is the same in others) is absolutely perfect, doing Medium Lengths races super fun.