Gameplay - Race Tires wear down differently in private multiplayer - (1638983)

You’re not allowed to have fun, unless you pay $10/mo on top of the $100 you paid for the game :rofl:

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We have just discovered this new aberration with several players in a private multiplayer game which is added to the very long list of this game.

Tire wear is almost non-existent, even putting everything in simulation/total with 20/30 laps on complete circuits (mapple valley/suzuka…), the tires wear little or not at all, which removes all the tactical and strategy side of a race, impossible to modify this parameter or set a wear multiplier.

To believe that everything has been done to ruin this game

Nous venons de découvrir avec plusieurs joueurs en partie multiplayer privée cette nouvelle aberration, qui s’ajoute à la très longue liste de ce jeu.

L’usure des pneus est quasiment inexistante, même en mettant tout en simulation/totale avec des 20/30 tours sur circuits complet (mapple valley/suzuka…), les pneus s’usent pas ou très peu ce qui enlève tout le côté taticque et stratégie d’une course, impossible de modifier ce paramètre ou de mettre un multiplicateur d’usure.

A croire que tout a été fait pour plomber ce jeu.


Yes please, would love to see this!

The issue is that tire wear and fuel usage can’t be adjusted.

In multiplayer the tire and fuel usage is accelerated to promote different tire choises and tactics.
Meaning that in a 10 lap race soft tires will not last, medium would loose pace towards the end and hard tires will last but you’ll loose some pace.

In single player however you have to drive between 60-100 laps before the soft race tires wear out.
I’ve verified this several times. The reason for the discrepency on laps is depending on track length and car type.

Please add the option to increase tire and fuel usage in single player modes.
By this I mean, let us set accelerated fuel usage and tire wear using a percentage slider.
Example: Hakone short tire usage in a Civic touring car with soft tires is about 2% percent per lap.
If we could increase tire wear and fuel usage by 400% that means each lap would give 8% wear. In other words 10 laps gives 80% wear. Standard long race on this track is 15 laps. In other words this would incentivice pit stops and tire and fuel stragegies.


This pisses me off so very bad . In private matches the tire deg can not be accelerated whatsoever. Making private races a procession. They do this so that if you want a dynamic race you HAVE to do it online by their rules. If you want to have a dynamic race with pit stops with your friends , you have to race 60-100 laps. This is soooo lame, it’s like they don’t want you having too much fun. Atleast give us the option to increase or decrease the deg. Why is this game made so that people don’t enjoy it unless they’re buying the pay to win cars? Modern gaming is a joke, I am so sick of it .


Yes, please! The tire wear rate is very odd in single player and freeplay.

Even after 5 laps of pushing your car hard e.g., soft tires register only around 6% wear. That can’t be right. Medium and Hard tires wear out even less. Grip does not deteriorate.

This has to be fixed and made more realistic please… like, now :smiley:


This is an issue in single player/free play too. The tires hardly register any wear.

Example: Soft tires after a 5 lap race show around 6% wear

Oo…kayy… Then…

This issue was addressed in Update 3.0 [Edit - moved from Closed back to Known Issues in January 2024]

  • Fixed an issue with tire wear not being correctly applied in Private Multiplayer races.

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I’m honestly impressed, does anyone test these things before you put them out?

Some of the people from my community got together to try it out because we’re all excited about the change.

3.8% per lap on SOFTS around Kyalami, which is a ~2min track with a Touring car
That’s 17 laps ON SOFTS to get to ~65% which is where you really need to pit
And 17 laps is about 34minutes

You guys know that in featured multiplayer softs usually have about 2.5% wear when you cross the line for the first time on your qualifying lap, right? RIGHT??


Could the tire wear problem described in 1638983 also be fixed in free play mode?


just tested out private multiplayer and its seems unchanged, we had an endurance race last night and im getting the same tyre wear on softs… they last forever


yep this issue has not been fixed at all, same tyre wear as before.

What makes you think this wasn’t done by design? I got the impression it was exaggerated for the online hopper races so that there’s another variable to the race. The fastest people don’t just show up, qualify and disappear at the start on the same set of soft tyres.

Would be very surprised if this wasn’t the case…

Yeah, that’s the point.
That’s what we want, a reason to use them. A reason to even think about racecraft or strategy

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Yep, I posted a new issue that have already been logged as a bug.

This is the “Replays are fixed” fiasco all over again

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I believe they control the amount of tyre wear in multiplayer were in solo it lasts longer also hards should last much longer to the medium compound as the hard lasts the same amount also medium & heavy tyre wear on soft medium & hard tyres is far to understeery with medium & heavy tyre wear its very Difficult to turn the car unless you slow down enough to turn the car this needs to be reduced but not overly done

It’s not just the race tyres that are bugged. Driving the Nissan Silvia 98 around Hockenheimring in Free Play - Test Drive, after 6 laps that included some donuts and handbrake turns, the (stock compound) tyres haven’t even lost the edge of the bar.

Tyre wear is set on. I’m experiencing this on PC, windows store version.


The thread for this issue is being moved back to Known issues as players are still reporting this issue as not fixed.


Yes, I believe this is not a big either but a design decision.

If Featured Multiplayer has a tyre wear multiplier setting applied, it would be good if Free Play and Private Multiplayer could have a similar option in their menu settings.

If we assume current Featured/Private/Career setting is 1x, then having the ability to set it to 2x, 5x, 10x and 20x would cover all the bases for different kinds of events people want to run.

As a fun side note: D-Class, Homestead Oval, Street Tyres = over 400 laps of good tyre life.


When will private lobbies have the same tire wear as regular multiplayer lobbies?
The first threads are from Oct/Nov 23… it’s starting to get a bit ridiculous.
btw Update 3.0 did not change anything
How are such private sessions supposed to happen?
There are simply no strategic elements as advertised, almost all longer race tracks can be driven on 20+ laps with soft tires.
I would understand it if this element didn’t exist in the game at all, but since it is available in the online lobbies, it can’t be that difficult to use exactly these settings for our own lobbies.
Not to mention all other things like the continued lack of support for Fanatec hardware.