Tyre degradation

Tire compounds seem to degrade much faster than they typically would in real-life motorsport.

Soft compound tires in-game seem to completely wear out after only about 6 laps on a medium-size track, whereas in F1 a tire compound like the softs will last about 25% of a race at least before being rendered unusable.

A rework of tire compound durability might be in order.

To me, it seems like this may have been more of a balance decision to make it so a normal length race had tires as a consideration. I kind of like how I can choose to go fast early on, but will likely be struggling in the last few laps, or I can choose to be slower but consistent.

Where did you experience this?
Builders cup and online series events seem to have accelerated tirewear. I think this is a good thing, it adds a nice challenge!

Can’t compare f1 tyre compounds…

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I can confirm that over driving the front tires will shred them :wink:

Why is the tyre degradation twice or triple as fast in multiplayer then in single mode…???
For example on Le Mans Full circuit in multiplayer I can’t do the full 4 laps on the hard tyre…and in single test ride I can don way more then 4 laps on the hard tyre…!!!???
Setups are not the same…sow why even testing your setup when it’s not the same thing in the different game modes…???
When are they gone get this game working properly in all the game modes and the working on the same level ???
For a game in the making for 6 years it’s really rubbish…!!!

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Great question. There’s barely any wear in single player.

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It adds a lot of strategy to the multiplayer games. It is actually one of the highlights of the MP races. Just go to youtube and watch good content creators and you will see that the extra tyre wear make races very interesting.

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Oh yeah. I’ve watched. It’s totally different than SP.

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more like 10x

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There’s been a report on tire degradation. If you’re experiencing the same please add your information AND VOTE here:

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature missing in SP.

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It can be seen as a bug because it’s quite different from Featured Multiplayer. Private Multiplayer has the same wear as Singleplayer too.
In the linked topic Max asked what a reasonable tire wear would be, so we can propose a solution there.


Chill. You’ll be back like everyone else who’s said the same. No need to announce your exit. We don’t care, especially when you can’t write in complete sentences.

They really need to adjust the tire wear in Feature Multiplayer.
It’s ridiculous that the stock for some race cars or soft tires don’t even last past two laps in the Le Mans circuit.

They need a slider for that in single player (Career + Freeplay,) and private multiplayer too

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