Gameplay - Drivatars not affected by tire wearing scale (1815345)

I make 4 pitstops with hard tires and they did 3 or 2. Impossible. Even with same car with me. Because of this I’ve finished in last place.

Maybe they slow down and/or using a tune? :thinking:

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No I’m sure they not. We can’t expect this detail. They need using higher tire pressure. I’m sure they’re not affecting. Even I’m using same car with some others. Of course not all of other racers using same tune :skull:

And they are driving fast not slow.

What’s your difficulty?

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Always hardest. And expert rules.


No. It’s not a tuning or driving difference. It’s scaling wrong with the AI. To recreate it, use advanced event settings and set the tire wear multiplier to 10x and use Hard race tires and a 1 or 2 lap race of a full circuit with AI set on hardest difficulty. After the race ends look at the replay and compare the tire wear %'age in the telemetry of the AI vs. the player car. It is about 3x faster wear for player.

I think the problem stems from the software not calculating AI tire wear based on race tires. I did some more testing with stock tires and tire wear set to 10x and the wear %'age on my vehicle with stock tires is about the same rate as AI has in a R or P-class race where they have race tire performance.


100% true. Every update brokes something, or bring something with bugs or fixing 2 or 3 minor things…

True. But, tire wear multiplier in freeplay was more recently added. I’m not sure it has ever worked properly on the AI.

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Yes but it’s not hard to do. Every new thing is broken…

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Just wanted to add my buck o’five.

Just tried to do an endurance race at Nurburgring. Tire wear set to 7X. I started on a Medium tire in the Cadillac LMDh car. The whole field was in the same category.

I pit at the end of L1, because tires are critical by the 85% mark of the lap. I figure the rest of the field would pit as well, because their tires should be critical as well. Nope!

Ok, so I figured I would catch them up because of the huge tire differential. Nope! The AI kept going at the exact same pace.

A.I. is not adhering to the same rules as the player. No tire wear, or something else causing similar behavior.

Edit: Just realized I was doing the same car as OP.


Yes. As I said some of them was used same car with me. And they’re same as well… You lived same thing too.

This is something I thought I was tripping noticing in the endurance races. This user on Reddit has documented this issue.

I know you guys are trying to force pit stops and strategies with 3X fuel tire but you are giving the AI massive unrealistic advantage.

I drive carefully. Taked care of tires and of course A.I still in X1.

I do wonder if this is related to the AI not showing a tire compound on the pre-race/lineup screen before starting.

Noticed on the Brands Hatch AI endurance race, where it starts raining on Lap 6, the AI just ignores the rain entirely and never loses lap time or switch to Wets lol.

To be fair the whole game was broken at launch.

It wasn’t really a game. More a graphics engine that was glitchy with a glitchy tech demo that constantly crashed