Game Won't Install

I noticed that it was having trouble installing a recent update and after many failed attempts I uninstalled the entire game to start over. Now the game won’t install at all!

I tried disconnecting from the internet and installing just the disc first – that results in an “dirty disc” error at 22%.

I tried installing the update when I put the disc in which results in an unexplained “installation stopped” error around 20%.

Microsoft support is no help at all – suggested I reboot my internet router – that did nothing.

The disc doesn’t appear to be dirty or scratched. Sure, there are extremely minor scratches on the disc but nothing that should prevent installation.

Anyone else having this problem? If it IS the disc, is there a way I can get a disc replacement without buying the game again? I have bought Storm Island and the Car pass so I’d very much like to continue playing this as I have some decent $ invested in the game.

Any help would be appreciated.

About 15 hours ago (and various other times in the last 24, there were FH2 server issues. I would suggest giving the installation another try now. The servers seem to have settled down now.

I’ll try that when I get home. I’m skeptical though because the game wouldn’t install from the disc alone when the Xbox was disconnected from the internet.

Nope. Definitely doesn’t work. I’ve tried everything and I guess the disc is just damaged. Crazy as there are hardly any scratches on the disc – I guess Bluray discs are just much more sensitive to this!?

Anyone know, or is there someone out there from Forza, who can get me in touch with the right people to have the disc replaced? I really don’t want to have to buy the whole game again at full price and have invested quite a bit on DLC already for this game that I can no longer play.


Apparently nobody can help. Awesome, this sucks.

I have the exact same problem and haven’t found a way to solve this, i really hope that sombody knows how to fix this

Mine installs but can get past the loading page gets stuck at syncing data screen been like it for 2 days

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I’ve had this same problem but i was able to fix it. as soon as the ‘syncing data’ window pops up, i exited it/canceled sync and after waiting 3 mins on the loading screen the game worked fine

hey people… i try to install my forza 2 and it stops at 10% and i turn my internet off and do it that way and it stops… and i already restore the hole thing someone help me please

I read somewhere that it is best to go offline first, install the game off the disc and then go online. It will update automatically when you launch.

I’ve reinstalled H2 but now going through a near-5 gig update which seems to be taking its own sweet time.