Game thinks I don't have car pass when I did buy it

So here we are again Playground and Microsoft. Trying to get me to pay TWICE!!! for everything.
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What platform are you on? If XSX then restart game by removing it from quick resume.

PC via xbox app

Ok can’t help there but I would be interested to know what happens if you log out of Xbox app and then log back in, while having the game closed.

For context, I play on XSX and the other day I was testing graphics settings by switching between performance and quality mode. Doing so requires a restart. When switching back and after signing back it the game would not let me travel to Hot Wheels. It said I didn’t own it, despite the fact I do. So all I did was restart the game by removing it from quick resume and everything was back to normal.

I believe you have encountered something similar on PC so you just need to find the equivalent way to trigger a full restart/refresh.