Forced to restart game!

I was doing a 10 lap Goliath race and was on the 7th lap so I had been doing it for about an hour and next thing I know is my Xbox gamer tag gets signed out for some reason.
So I sign back in but the pop up message on my screen on Forza horizon 4 says something like your profile has been signed out so we will restart your game. the only option I have to press is A which says ok and then it loads up the game again from the dashboard meaning I just wasted an hour of my life.

That’s a load of bull playground games/turn 10

Sorry to hear you lost progress. I would be angry as well, however, this appears to be an internet connection issue rather than a game issue. If your Xbox loses connection, it will automatically sign you out. Unfortunately, this means anything you’re currently doing will be lost.

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I have had this happen quite a lot over the past few days. Not during Goliath because I don’t play it, but in free roam. This needs to be fixed and soon!

Oh wow! I feel your pain…

5 laps on FH3 Goliath… Last lap approaching the Finish Line when “BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT” Crash to Home Screen.

Then there was about 5 minutes of verbal abuse toward my Xbox.

This is nothing to do with game. It’s just xbox, i have see this many times while playining other games but havent happend to me in long time. It’s allways sucks, thank god you didint was doing 50 lap race.

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