Daily challenge

So how do i take a picture at the stunt park when its gone

should be there, try restarting/reconnecting/that kind of thing maybe?

As i was reading your response my game crashed ill see what happens when i start it back up. Maybe thats all it needed a restart

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It’ll probably be back. Hopefully you got the seasonal danger sign done while it was gone, though!

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Ha, same thing happened to me.

Did the pr stunt at the stadium and the stunt park was there.

Shrug. #justforzathings

When i restarted after it crashed it was back now the weekly wont work. This game is starting to really become a joke. Always something

Are you playing on XSX/S? If so it’s more of a consequence of quick resume.

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Xbox one s
And yeah that was most likely the problem quick resume cause its working today