G920 users

Hey new to the forza forums. I’m looking at buying a g920 and was wondering if they have support for a microphone for game chat or turtle beach?


Hi, I have the G920 and no, there’s no mic support, but I use an Xbox One pad to be able to use Skype while playing with the G920 (both devices connected to my profile).

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Cool so I can have the Xbox pad and the steering wheel in use at the same time? Would be good to use the pad for the menus rather than the wheel.


Yes, menus work with both, and if you want to go in the photo mode, press pause on the G920, then enter the Photo Mode with the pad, but you have to leave photo mode with the G920 to get it to work again.

Also, you have to plug the G920 to the console and assign it to your profile (by selecting your gamertag on the home screen, at the top, with the G920, and then start the game. Or it won’t load the G920 and you’ll have to restart the game.

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Thanks for your help mate. Logitech support were no help.