Free play AI problem

I only play in free play mode. I set up a race at Le Mans with my chosen GTE/GTLM cars. I don’t homologate any of the cars, so the AI are always running stock. I don’t allow upgrades or tuning for any of the buckets, yet cars like the corvette & BMW M6 are hitting speeds of 188 MPH on the Mulsanne Straight. These cars are supposed to have a max speed of right around 182 MPH. They’re hitting these higher speeds even if they are not drafting behind somebody. Has anybody figured out how to limit their speed to what it is supposed to be? I’m guessing this is just something I’m going to have to live with. Anything I can do other than giving them a power handicap?

Correct me if I’m wrong but modern day race cars would not race on the Mulsanne straight and IRL have very few places outside of simulators to reach their top speeds. The 182 mph figure might also be based upon simulations or computer algorithms determined by the manufacturer other than what the car is really capable of on the track. They are not looking for top speed because the cars are not subjected to straights long enough to reach them in real life.

For example the Bugatti Veyron SS was marketed with a top speed in the low 260s but reached north of 270mph when tested on Top gear (you can look it up) so specs are not always representative of real results.

Sorry…I guess it’s not called the Mulsanne straight anymore because of the chicanes being added. But I can tell you from looking at the speed traps from the 2016 24 hours of Le Mans the top speed of the GTE cars was about 184 if I remember correctly. The point is the cars shouldn’t be going over 182 because that is the top speed listed under the stats of the cars. Somehow the cars are going faster than their listed top speed even without a draft. Just trying to figure out if I can stop them from doing that.

You’re talking about two different things, real world performance and gameplay. Forza doesnt try and replicate down to the mph the performance of a car. It has its in game horespower and its in game aerodynamics and it gets the top speed it gets. Since these usually match up fairly well the in game performance and real world performance wind up being close but not necessarily exact.

On top of that, when you increase the AI’s difficulty level, they get a horsepower boost. That’s probably what you are seeing on the long straights.

So far the only solution I have heard of is to go into the settings and limit horsepower to about what they would have stock.

I also only play solo and have played around with this for hours because I’m having the same issue. The cars are just given a boost on straights even when stock settings are selected. If you figure out a solution please share and let me know the fix.

Like P00hhead said, it sounds like you’re seeing the AI’s cheating behavior on higher difficulties. On Pro and Unbeatable, the AI gets a power boost. I don’t think they get it on Expert or lower.