FPS boost for older Horizons

Do you think FPS boost will come to us? I would like to complete H1, H2 and H3. I know, it’s EOL but it’s Horizon! It would be cool to be possible to play it.

Forza Horizon 3 supports 60 fps in its PC version, so that should be possible at least technically (some animations remain at 30 fps).

The dilemma is that to justify porting FH and FH2 to the Xbox One and Series consoles plus PC, they’d want to be able sell them as remasters. That would require relicensing all the cars, franchise tie-ins, and maybe also the music. It could probably be done, but will probably happen only if Microsoft expects high enough sales of the remasters to be worth the trouble.

If I understand it correctly FPS boost doesn’t change anything about the game. It tricks the engine into running at a higher frame rate than it actually does. So while running at 60, the game thinks it’s still running at 30. (But OG horizon would need a rerelease, cause if I’m not mistaken fps boost only works with xbone games)
But yeah i would really love to get it for these games. I like horizon 4, but I think 3 is better. Cars sound way better and the map is more interesting. Fingers crossed they will.

FPS Boost does not require any coding changes to the games or any remastering or other work at all by the devs. It’s all done at the system level on the consoles.

FH2 is still ace to play and miles more reliable than FH4 in multiplayer.

I would love a 4K remaster but the fact it’s been delisted means that I’ll just have to live in hope for the framerate boost.

Going back to 2 from the sliky smooth 4 really highlights what a difference 60fps makes, it’s absolutely glorious.

According to digital foundry Microsoft is working on a resolution upscaler like they did with horizon 1, but for Xbox one generation games. If true it probably would become a choice between 60fps or 4k, but still would be a nice way to give the games some new life. (I’m really hoping Dragon age: inquisition gets this, it’s an awesome game, but it’s sooo low-res and it did get FPS boost)

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