Stop being lazy and make FH3 60fps.

It’s really a shame that they left FH3 in the state it’s in currently. Both Horizon and FM look and perform great on the new consoles. However when going back to FH3 the frame rate looks horrible.

Is it really too much to ask to up the fps? I was hoping to continue to play all these titles on one console, but now I’m forced to olay FH3 on pc.

It’s not even that old of a game!

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So much this… I went back to play horizon 3, because the map on horizon 4 is so flat and boring and uninspiring, and it was so nice to get back on horizon 3’s map — but the 30 FPS kills it. I just can’t after having experienced 60 FPS mode on horizon 4.

Same here, I tried PC version but it doesn’t have the smooth feeling like Xbox version. It’s possible but I would like to have tuned version for my XSX. And at least something like FPS boost for Horizon 1 and 2. All games are great.