Forzavista slow framerate? (stupid question) haha

Hey! Just recenly bought forza motorsport five. The framerate is awesome at 60 and everything, nut i recognised when i tried the forzavista mode out the framerate seemed lower while i checked around the cars! Is it like that only for me?

I think the camera is meant to move slow around the cars. And you noticing frame rates in Forzavista? It would be hard to tell frame rates as slow as the camera turns Around the car. Another thing…dont get too caught up on the frame rate BS thats going around the conversations are just tideous and disgusting. Forza Horizon 2
will be 30 FPS and watch how smooth and good that game will be, wont even bother you :slight_smile:

Yep. FH1 was 30fps and I thought it looked fine.

I could be wrong, but I think FM5 replays are also 30fps- once again, looks OK to me.

I know! I just got a feeling that my xbox for some reason has lower frame rate over all than other xboxex. And i wanna be sure haha - Dont want a broken xbox one :confused: Or its probably just my mind who plays games because my xbox is brand new. Still cant seem to stop thinking about it :confused: