forzathon broken

So forzathon events crashed my game 5 or more times. Didn’t count them half or more of the time. Got the xbox achievement and still had to repeat some. Got the last two at the same time causing gamecrash and only allowed me to collect one of the two cars. Now it says all are complete and I don’t have my cars…

come on turn10 forzathon is like an excel level macro to create… This should not be causing your staff troubles.

A mí tambien me ha pasado esto en el forzathon del c63 amg edición forza y el 356 a. En algunos objetivos no me los marcó y tuve que repetirlos y cuando los tenia todos me dieron el logro pero no el coche. Tuve que repetir las pruebas finales y al final me dieron los dos coches. Saludos

gracias por hacérmelo saber. Probaré eso.

thanks for letting me know. I will try that.

didn’t work for me but I figure the car will be available again probably so no big deal at least I got the achievement

Forzathon still not working. Tried to complete “creative corner” and “forza world tour” several times with no credit given. Specifically complete 5 laps on bathurst in an Australian car and take and share a photo. Come on T10, your losing your fanbase.

Had no problems doing it all in Free play every challenge was done in free play also make sure you use a Holden or HSV car do not use the Fords or the Hoonigan Holden they will not count Always sellect next race and not exit till all done plus 1 extra race either Drag or 30s Timed race as this will trigger the rewards.

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