ForzaRC 2018 news, livestreams, and VOD

Turn 10 and ESPN have announced the Forza Racing Championship 2018:

ForzaRC World Championship features $100,000 prize pool
Imad Khan
February 13, 2018

(read the full article for more details including quotes by Dan Greenawalt)
“Drivers start your engines! We’re taking racing esports to the next level with the Forza Racing Championship 2018. Starting today, drivers can register to compete for more than $250,000 in prizes. For more details and to register head to . #ForzaRC

FORZARC.COM has all the info:

  • Registration link
  • Video promo for ForzaRC 2018
  • Overview of prizes
  • Overview of the Pre-Season Invitational and Regular Season
  • Calendar from March to October
  • Tune In dates for livestreams
  • ForzaRC Youtube and links for Twitter and Facebook accounts
    More info will follow in March


Drivers can register now for the events beginning in April. Drivers need to be 16 years old. There is no fee required. Steps:

  1. From click “Register Now”
  2. Be sure to read the Terms & Conditions, and the FAQ linked at the bottom of the registration page.
  3. Sign Up to create a Gfinity account. You’ll need an email address, and then you’ll need to respond to an Activation email message.
  4. Log In - If you know your Gfinity account email but have forgotten the password you can recover it with the link to send an email.
  5. Link your Xbox Live Gamertag to your Gfinity account. If you have previously linked your XBL account to your Gfinity account, you can select “Refresh Gamertag” and should see the success message on screen. If your account is new, go to the upper right corner drop down menu and select Edit Profile - at the bottom of your profile page you’ll see an “XBOXLIVE” field to type in your gamertag.
  6. If you run into any issues you can Submit a Trouble Ticket via the FAQ link on the bottom of the registration page.

Follow and for news and updates as we get nearer to events.

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I did not see any reference to a Recreational Series like we had last time. Does anyone here know whether there will be a Recreational Series this time as well?

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I’m thrilled this starts April 2nd!

Here I was thinking I would miss part of the season due to a very nice honeymoon. Man this makes my day.

Might be the first esport season where I’m not doing overtime, there’s no 1000 year floods screwing things up, and no weeklong vacations. Finally. Finally I can at least put forth maximum effort.

Finals is a long shot, but am hopeful to finish this season without wondering what if.


I noticed something rather relevant -
"3. Participation fee

No fees are required to take part in the ForzaRC program. However, you do require the following;

An Xbox One
Xbox Live Gold Membership
Forza Motorsport 7
Internet connection"

I guess that means PC players get the short end of the stick as far as ForzaRC goes?

I had a feeling this would happen. T10 can make it to where PC players can’t take part. This was mentioned a long time ago before Forza 7 dropped. I’m assuming it’s because they want to prevent hacking issues??

I would imagine PC will be eligible at some point.

That is basically just copy paste from last year’s event. I am confident that PC players can enter.

I just hope the same. It isn’t too smart to exclude the playerbase you wanted to attract when releasing the game on multiple platforms and making it crossplay between them from the biggest event in your game.

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I think it means that as long as you can play in an online lobby you’re good. On xbox you’re required gold, but if you’re not required gold to play online in PC you should be fine.

so I have a question, when it says they are ranked matches, how is this done? is it over a live race via matchmaking, or is it through the rivals mode?

In previous FRCs there have been private 1v1 matches. Replays were required to be saved in event of dispute. It worked ok some times and other times you had to wait forever when players don’t show up to get support to move you along. Sometimes support is quick and other times they are overwhelmed with issues.

In the most recent FRC there where private multiplayer races of 12 drivers hosted by gfinity staff and helpers. To qualify for the race you had to place top 24 in your region via rivals. Top 6 finishers in each semi went to the live weekend finals.

I would assume ranked matches are something similar to the group races but maybe more races. Instead of qualifying via rivals to the semi finals, maybe it’s qualify for quarterfinals?

thanks for clarifying, ive never done something like this before but I figured what the heck, I’m not getting any younger. I did see they will have more info in march, so I guess its TBD for now.

Has anybody gotten a Forza Motorsport 7 update that accepted them into a Forza Motorsport Racing Championship for March? I received this email from T10 and not much information has been released and I would like more info on the subject should anybody have any info. Happy racing to all!!

Anyone can take part as long as you sign up on gfinity and register for the event. T10 does not weed out players from the start. Everyone has a fair shot.

More info will likely drop in March

Hello, Everyone!

This is my first Forza Racing Championship I have ever entered.
I win a lot of multiplayer races so I decided to join this. Might win some money.
How does it work? How can I make myself Competitive, and how can I prepare?

Thanks for any tips,
-Vixen - Slipknot

Winning a lot is a good start, but who are you winning against and where are you placing on the leaderboards?

I’m in pinnacle and I win or come close a lot. There are many times where myself and another player are 1,000ft ahead of 3rd. My lap times range from a top 10 to top 200 in lobby. Leaderboard count, car choice and my skill level in various classes determines the likely leaderboard placement.

Most of the elite drivers are hard to find on some leaderboards and in lobbies.

In an esport environment I can grind my way to around 150 in the world at my peak. And that is after 100-150 laps.

If you can place better than me than you will do fine in esports. Winning money is highly unlikely buy you may win free expansions.

Can we also expect ingame prices for all participants?

I think in Forza 6 people who participated got some cars and stuff.

A safe bet would be driver gear and some locked car as a way for T10 to encourage folks to participate.

Yes, Forza 6 did award out stuff but I think the easiest prize was placing top 50% in a league. Obviously that can’t happen now since leagues are different.

This is my very first time I join anything like this, am just going to race for the fun of it but would love to know…

Are there any rules?
Manual Shifting?
All Assists Off?

If anyone could help me out by answer any question, then i could try warming up for this.

THANKS everyone for the help in advacne

There is a rivals event set up like ForzaRC. It is under featured events, called “ForzaRC March Training Grounds”. Has all the rules, no driving line, manual with clutch, etc. Good place to start practicing under Forza RC rules.

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THANK YOU, going to give that a shot for the next few days :smiley: appcreciate the help

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