ForzaRC 2019 season details

“The long wait is nearly over! We’re live now at Twitch and Forza Racing Championship is on Facebook Gaming with @mechberg and the #ForzaRC team talking all things #ForzaRC2019

ForzaRC 2019 Invitational Season Announcement
Jacob Norwood
Tuesday, August 27, 2019 - Announce video


The #ForzaRC2019 Invitational Series was revealed during on the August 27th #ForzaMonthly livestream by Lead Producer for Forza Esports Wes Eckhart, Design Director Elliott Lyons, and caster Alie Tacq.

They discussed the season broadcast calendar and the professional teams approach, which will consist of 3 drivers and a coach. Team rosters are TBA, but Elliott Lyons mentioned that some of the team coaches will also be familiar faces from ForzaRC history. Alie Tacq discussed the strategic element to racing with the teams format.

The 13 teams announced:
@THR_esports Team Highlands Racing
@SauberEsports Sauber Esports
@Lazarus Lazarus
@JOTA_eSport JOTA eSport
@AMS_RacingTeam Alien Motorsport
@Ryze_Msport Ryze Motorsport
Mordor Game Club Team Forza
@WilliamsEsports Williams Esports
@SMP_Racing Esports
@FastRacersForza FRF
@redbullracingES Red Bull Racing Esports
@VDbyTX3 Virtual Drivers by TX3
@raging_e Raging Dragon Esports

Eliott Lyons and Chris Esaki also addressed community Q&A at the end of the livestream related to Forza in general and ForzaRC specifically, including topics of anti-cheat efforts and homologation. The next #ForzaMonthly livestream will be on September 23rd and take more questions via the Bing thread.

Watch the replay on Forza’s official YouTube channel here.

When we will have another ForzaRC for players to register and participate??

Pretty clear that such an event won’t be happening.

I watched as much as I could because I participated. I likely won’t be watching as much this time. I’m more interested in the format than the teams or players.

It is probably fair to say that this is basically a live beta that’ll eventually be expanded probably for FM8. If this format works for a small group of players, then it could expand. Historically every single FRC or esports comp hosted by T10 has been problematic for one reason or another. A solid format was never really found and when issues came up, it was a hot mess to remedy the problems in a timely manner. Maybe they are on to something?

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Forza Week in Review 8-30-19
Brian Ekberg
Friday, August 30, 2019


  • Trailer:
  • Article: News - Forza
  • The #ForzaRC2019 Invitational Series features teams of three drivers and a coach with “new racing formats that will be announced soon.”
  • “For the first time in ForzaRC history, 13 teams will compete for a prize pool of $250,000. The 2019 season will be broadcast weekly starting on September 21. Seven weeks of intense competitions between the teams will culminate in the 2019 World Finals in Burbank, CA on November 23 – 24.”


  • Video:
  • “we dove deep into the upcoming 2019 Forza Racing Championship season, discussing the news with Turn 10’s Wes Eckhart and Elliott Lyons (starting at the 12:26 mark of the show), followed by a look ahead to the season of competition with the voice of the ForzaRC, Alie Tacq (look for the conversation at the 22:30 mark).”


  • “While we don’t have a guest today, we are gearing up for the ForzaRC 2019 Season kickoff with some special ForzaRC guests in the coming weeks. Look for more information on those guests soon.”


The official roster for @AMS_RacingTeam is:

AMS Tiqoo (@FabianStrobel2)
AMS Storm1919 (@AMS_Storm)
AMS Huracan (@AMS_Huracan)
and team coach AMS Chum (@ChummyChum18)

The official roster for @FastRacersForza is:

FRF Handicap (@FRF_Handicap)
FRF Tesla (@FRF_Tesla)
FRF Bull (@FRF_Bull)
and team coach FRF Solo kiNg (@FRF_Solo)

The official roster for @JOTA_eSport is:

JOTA Bowkett (@jacob_bowkett)
JOTA South (@JOTA_South)
JOTA Commando (@JOTA_Commando)
and team coach JOTA Craviator (@Craviator)

The official roster for @Lazarus is:

LZR ForceOne (@ForceOne141)
LZR Racerz (@LZR_Racerz)
LZR Rossi (@Rossi_962)
and team coach LZR Rosso (@LZR_Rosso)

The official roster for @GameMordor is:

MGC ChicPizza
MGC Mango
MGC Miaow226
and team coach MGC Jrich921

The official roster for @raging_e is:

RDE Kami (@RDE_Kami)
RDE Hydra (@Hydra_FM7)
RDE Chazmo (@RDE_Chazmo)
and team coach RDE Majorkirkov (@eueriton)

The official roster for @redbullracingES is:

RBR Laige (@mallet_aurelien)
RBR b0x (@RobinBetka)
RBR Venom (@zVenom_)
and team coach RBR Asix (@Asix_13)

The official roster for @Ryze_Msport is:

RZM Renaud (@RZM_Renaud)
RZM Chris (@RZM_Chris)
RZM Chriz (@RZM_Chriz)
and team coach RZM McQueen (@RZM_McQueen)

The official roster for @SauberEsports is:

Sauber ZooM (@Sauber_ZooM)
Sauber ChemicaL (@Sauber_ChemicaL
Sauber Dave (@Sauber_Dave)
and team coach Sauber Zimdog (@Sauber_Zermatt)

The official roster for @THR_esports is:

THR Rich (@THR_Rich)
THR Virus (@Veloce_Virus)
THR Europa (@THR_Europa)
and team coach THR Sparky (@THR_Sparky)

The official roster for @VDbyTX3 is:

TX3 Lightning (@TX3_Lightning)
TX3 MisterJack (@TX3_MisterJack)
TX3 Wesley (@TX3_Wesley)
and team coach TX3 Papaille (@TX3_Papaille)

The official roster for @WilliamsEsports is:

Williams RR (@Williams_RR1)
Williams Mitch (@Williams_Mitch5)
Williams Seven (@SevenSenshu)
and team coach WIL Harmonic (@Harmonic_1)

The official roster for @SMP_Racing is:

SMP Sandro21RUS
SMP Lillyrrrat
and team coach SMP mrstepanov

Forza Week in Review 9-13-19
Brian Ekberg
Friday, September 13, 2019


“In case you missed @AlieTacq’s weekly stream this morning, he announced the seeding for the 2019 Invitational Series. Catch the segment now!”

All About ForzaRC 2019
Jacob Norwood
Friday, September 20, 2019




Week 1 team point standings:

Livestream replay:

Forza Week in Review 9-27-19
Brian Ekberg
Friday, September 27, 2019

#ForzaFriday replay: Twitch & Mixer


Red Bull Racing won Week 1 and competes against JOTA, Sauber and Mordor in Match 3, with the winner facing TX3, Alien, and SMP in Match 4.

2019 ForzaRC Invitational Series - run up to the Finals

Points totals at the end of regular series racing.

On November 20th, Mellish announced the Mellie Awards on ForzaRC Inside Line:
Twitch replay
Mixer replay

On #ForzaFriday, Mechberg was live from California with Mellish, Charlie, Kate & Kate, Gabby, and Alie Tacq:
Twitch replay
Mixer replay

Mechberg provide a tour of the studio where official ForzaRC partner Lamborghini would provide a Huracan EVO for the weekend:

Meanwhile, the ForzaRC drivers were given a tour of the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles.

#ForzaRC Nov. 23 & 24 LAN FINALS

On Saturday, Williams and Sauber qualified from Match 1, and Lazarus and Red Bull qualified from Match 2.

YouTube replay
Mixer replay
Twitch replay

On Sunday, Lamborghini development driver Corey Lewis was on hand to provide commentary during the Grand Finals.

Laige completed a perfect run of winning every race, propelling Red Bull Racing Esports to victory.

YouTube replay
Mixer replay
Twitch replay

During the Grand Finals broadcast they announced that ForzaRC will return Spring 2020.