Forza Motorsport 8

So do you guys remember that new Forza Motorsport trailer from 2020? We haven’t gotten news from the new game for a year now! Where is FM8?

Under development

Although i was reading a review of FH5 this morning and the reviewer indicated there are rumours Microsoft have abandoned initial plans in order to make the new motorsport game free to play. No sources were provided and i can’t find any other mention of this (only did a quick google search though) so who knows. Either way i’m sure we’ll hear more news as soon as the hype train for FH5 has slowed down a bit

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Well that is a big come on through for GT7… Pathetic

I think the line from the article may have been misinterpreted.

“…some suggesting that Microsoft has decided to abandon initial plans to make it free-to-play.”

To me that reads that at first the plan was going to be free to play, but now the plan has shifted to be more inline with previous releases (normal retail game).

Just wanted to get that out there before things snowballed.


Having re-read the review, you’re right. The link to the playtest article in the review does mention something about a reboot and possibly free to play so it would seem i misinterpreted what was written

how to i use wheel on forza 7 it just not working im using logitech driving force ex

Free to play with a similar business model of iRacing, might not be a bad move. But it would depend on how serious and good the game would be in terms of Sim and Motorsport. It needed to be a true rival to iRacing and have physics and wheel feel as respected as AC. Also strong on Motorsport. If it’s another “car culture” simcade type of game, then free to play would be bad, imho.