Still no release date??

Still not finding any information as to a potential release date yet? Anyone know more about it?

Who cares hasn’t been a enjoyable forza since FM4. Hate to say it but GT7 looks like a real motor sports game!

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I care. I enjoyed 5-7 more than 4. Indeed, playing 5 on a friend’s XBOne and coming home to 4 is ultimately what pushed me to get an XBOne. I’m definitely interested in how (and when) 8 will turn out.


Cool! Have a blast with GT. If Sony puts it on PC, I’ll give it a shot. But from what Chris Esaki said about the new tire model alone, Forza Motorsport seems as if it’s taking realism seriously. It’s about time they did so.


Don’t get your hopes up to high, wouldn’t be the first time T10 promised the moon and stars.
And actually delivered on that promise with a crayon drawn picture by a 7-old of some moon and stars.

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I agree with this to a degree and it’s quite sad. The xbox360 era in Forza was the absolute best. Every game made consistent improvements. Now they are recycling assets it seems with gimmicks and features added on top.

Really hoping fm8 is going to feel as good as when I played the forza games on the x360 for the first time. Besides, It’s the end of the year, why can’t they give us a preview yet? Why so hush hush… Hoping this will not be another moon and stars scenario where we get hastily drawn crayon artwork by a preschooler.

Wake up T10, stop making your game for NFS fans and cater more toward your original fanbase!!


Gonna be a while im afraid. In the last monthly they talked about doing multiplayer testing for the coming months…
all i gotta is say it better be FM4 levels amazing. They are sure spending a ton of time on it!
Maybe it will come out at the end of 22

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fm4 was a great game but i don’t see all the hype for it. i have enjoyed all the motorsport games and look forward to fm8 if they ever decide to finish it!!

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I doubt we’ll hear anything for a while given FH5 is about to release. I’d love an end of 2022 release date with an announcement in the summer but honestly who knows at this point. GT7 will have to whet my appetite before the next FM game! (given it doesn’t get delayed lol)

I want to see an updated car roster…tired of seeing stuff like the 2015 R8, 2017 E63 and so on…these cars have been updated IRL, freaking model the current gen cars and stop passing off previously modeled cars from past games. Its annoying as F

I agree we should be getting all the cool new cars, but I like driving just about everything…except vans and trucks. They should keep all the cars that have ever ben in the game and just keep adding new vehicles that are produced and find some older ones to add as well. Just m opinion

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Spring 2023. Which is weird, because at the very beginning of the Jun. 12 showcase, the presenter said – literally said – we’d be able to play every game in this showcase this year. :man_shrugging:

Actually, they said everything in the showcase would be available to play in the next 12 MONTHS. :slight_smile:


You know what? Well played. That’s a pretty greasy move by them, but clever.