Forza motorsport 5 2.0

well… imagin that, turn 10 has done it once again, they must of thought that since we all bought the last 4 copys of forza that were all gonna jump the gun and get it, unfortunatley alot of us were foolish enough to be an advanced beta tester for the same crap, not only that but eveer since forza 4 turn 10 has been removing some of the most important things to forza members, fujimi, private pubs, or even just our RWD drift lobby, seems we cant even have that…BUT ITS ALL ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE…maybe if you want a good experience you shouldnt cater to racers so much, theres so much more fun even on forza 4 and its sad cuz i know im gonna be told to go play that instead, thats not the point, point of the matter is that forza went backwards in time it feels and were playing a too old formula on a new console, i dont get it, forza, turn 10, you fail




This complaint seems extremely odd to me. FM is at it’s core a racing game. T10 should be catering to racers. It’s the entire point of the game. It would be like complaining that Madden Football contains too much football.


Pretty much this. If you don’t want a game which focuses on racing, you’ve purchased the wrong game. The game’s called Forza MOTORSPORT. The clue is kinda in the name.

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In before the lock …

Don’t like it don’t play it trade it in for pcars

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bet the poster is a flatbill wearing driving a stickered bombed scion tc high on monster.


you guys dont see the point im trying to make here, yes its a racing sim, got that, yes it has been since day 1, BUT the point im trying to make is that we had much more variety on forza 4, there is way more than just racing going on in the world now a days, cant say thats not messed up, weve been getting less and less of a game every time a new one comes out, guess all you sheeple dont see the big picture of whats happeneing

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I do agree somewhat… I love the racing aspect and have all pc sims from GTr2 to RF2 in cluding AC, Dirt Rally and iRacing. But I play Forza not only for the racing, though I’d prefer the tracks being addd than cars, I liked the storefront, the auction house and the gifting in FM4 and would like to see it returned. Unfortunaetly T10 insist that you must play there game the way they intend you to play it. So those items have been removed because it allowed folks to be creative and even assist each other with things like obtaining crs and credits.

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Er no. It’s a racing game. The point of the game is to race cars on the track. They’ve improved a ton over the life of the series. If you don’t like it then go pre-order NFS or something like that…


yea but the cars you race against on the track are mish mash of stupidity, due to the insane lack of free options to choose the cars you can race against

I 100% agree with you, they have gone backwards in terms of features.

Forza 4 in my opinion is still the best in the series, forza 5 and Forza 5 2:0 dont even come close.

dont get me wrong, im not trying to bash on anyone that likes the game so dont hop all over me, but iv played every single forza and when i noticed that back in the day for car packs we got 10 cars per pack, now they’re only giving us 7? like come on forza, less is not more in this case…

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Who is this “us” and “we” you keep referring to?

Sounds a more like “you” to me.


Sounds like Need for Speed may be more your style.

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Drifting is terrible and lame. Good riddance.

now all the racers are going to get mad cuz they’re not talented enough to keep a controlled slide :slight_smile:

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thank you sir, and you are right, most of these people arguments are invalid

its hilarious how most of the people that are replying have no idea what OP is actually talking about.

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honestly i dont care, i just want to get the point across i want to be able to choose my opponents cars in Free Play mode lol

Fixed that for you.