Forza Monthly livestream Sep. 11

Tune in Monday September 11th at 9am Pacific (Monday, September 11, 2023 4:00 PM) for more details about Forza Motorsport!


Any word on what will be discussed next week?

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Probably Free Play mode, it’s the last thing on the list of topics to discuss published in June:

Unless they have also something important under the “& more!” point :smile:


Maybe some of the question from the “Offical” thread :laughing:


I would love to see something like a roadmap, or what to expect to be added in the first months after release.


Agreed, I think roadmap is essential for this game. I can’t shake the feeling it’s launching in some sort of early access…


In all fairness, that’s pretty par for the course nowadays across the board.

“Get it out, make some money, squash the bugs when people complain. Who cares, we have their hard earned anyway one way or another”

And when too many are willing to accept that, it’s what we get.


Well, I didn’t have that feeling with Forza Horizon 5. This game seemed feature- and content-complete from the get-go. Bugs is another matter though :smile:

And because the bugs are squashed AFTER release, it’s still an “early access” because it is not a complete, finished, product when full of more bugs than a Mexican prison cell.

As I say, par for the course across the board now, you expect it and too many accept it.

In that case basically every contemporary game is an early access game, even as praised as Baldur’s Gate 3. But some of them feel more… early-accessy than the rest :smile:

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That’s why I say it’s across the board, not restricted to one series, publisher, platform, whatever, EVERYONE does it.

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This is the thing with games like Starfield, people won’t find the same bugs at the same time because everyone will play diferently. Some will follow missions, others like me will land on that first moon and think “what’s that shiny thing over there” and by the time they get to the bits where people are saying “bug” the bug’s been squashed, the amount of people needing the same data from the same servers at the same time differs, and so on. Throw in all these little differences, any flaws and bugs don’t get noticed so much because they’re more “isolated”, not all hitting so many at the same time, and that means less noise about them.

Compare that to faster data streaming needs to more people doing the same thing at the same time and you have more people hitting that same bug near simultaneously. Then it gets noticed more and more noise is made.

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I’ve played through Jedi Survivor twice on PS5 and the problem wasn’t so much the bugs as it was the performance of the game.

This whole “this game is not finished” is a recent phenomenon. What constitutes “finished”? The people who usually spout this nonsense online, are usually extremist fans of old games. But old games had a huge amount of bugs, glitches, etc., as well as poor balance and underbaked mechanics, are they not “finished” either?

Jedi Survivor can be considered unpolished. Unfinished? Not really. The last “unfinished” game I’ve played was NFS Undercover for PC. This was 15 years ago.

Mark my words, you’ll have lots of people saying FM is “unfinished” because T10 didn’t add everything they could at launch. Question is, why would they when the game will be supported over time?

As soon as you are planning “updates” to start fixing things either on release or within a month, you’ve released something that is “unfinished”. You release something like FH5 which had what seemed like an invisible step in the freeway that suddenly made you think you hit a wall (something that was still there the last time I played) when you crossed from what would be one sector of the map to another, then that means it is “unfinished”. How big a list do you want, no including “future additional content” that may or may not appear?

And you’re right, it is a relatively new phenomenon because in previous times they didn’t have live internet connecions to be able to fix things at will, so they know “near enough” will do because people will still rush and spend their pfennings on the product because of the name no matter what. As I say, now you EXPECT it because far too many ACCEPT it so the incentive to spend that little bit more time to get things right disappears in favour of recouping the costs of development.



Hakone has got to be featured as a proper reveal or something.

Track has been going under the radar for so long with all these other reveals and whatnot. I bet it is going to get a bigger reveal.


No. You’re plain wrong. Games are software and software is updated over time. Deal with it.

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Frankly, that is the definition of unfinished.

The problem is that game publishers and developers have taken the idea of live-service and perverted it well beyond what it should be. There’s a clear distinction between adding to a game that can be reasonably considered complete and scrambling to finish putting together a product you’re already selling to customers. ArmA 2 and 3 are complete games that have been supported by expansion packs. Battlefield 2042 was a rushed-out and incomplete disaster that should have been delayed at least another year. Forza Motorsport 7 was a complete game; Forza Horizon 5 is not. And frankly, Forza Motorsport 2023 is in the same boat as Horizon 5. They have already copped to as much. This game should not be releasing as is, but Turn 10 has decided to ask someone to hold their beers so they can Send It, so here we go.

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So glad we have a whole Forza Monthly to MotorSport! I love Horizon too but with this being the last month before the release I’m glad to see them split up. My fingers are crossed for the ability to choose AI opponent’s cars in Freeplay rather than relying on a convoluted system of restrictions & buckets. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: Looking forward to it!


If I was a betting man, I’d assume it’s safe to say that the core game is complete, but content (I.E. tracks and legacy features) are not. I think it will feel like a great, quality racing game that is just a little empty & needs a few more tracks, & a few more features make it the best in its class. I’m all here for that as opposed to waiting a year or two for 5 more tracks, 10 new features & 50 more cars. :man_shrugging:


Then they need to market it and price it accordingly, or they’re going to find themselves selling it at an even bigger loss than they planned because everyone’s going to wait until the game not only amasses enough content to be considered complete, but is also on sale as well.

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